So… what do you DO all day?

We do things… and stuff.

7 January 2009 January 7, 2009

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Welcome!  This is the sister blog to Journey To A Free Life.  I want to document on a daily or every-few-days basis what my family is learning and doing now that we are unschooling.  So…

Today was day 3 of our official unschooling journey.  We had to go to a mechanic to see about getting our windshield wiper motor fixed.  I thought it would have to be replaced, and was shocked by how much Canadian Tire was going to charge me: $340.00!!!  I did some more calling around yesterday and found that prices were quite similar.  That is, until I called Jay’s.  He said that he didn’t want to quote me anything until he had a look at it, which he said he would do for free.  I couldn’t make it in yesterday because it was snowing (and the wiper blade with the problem was on the driver’s side!) but I brought it in this morning.  Less than fifteen minutes later the mechanic told me it was just a loose nut, refused to charge me, and we were on our way!  Hormonal and pregnant, I nearly cried as we drove away.  I think they’ll get some donuts tomorrow!

Bailey watched “Creepy Canada” this morning.  She really enjoys that show, and has a fascination with all things mysterious or paranormal.  We regularly bring home library books about sasquatch, hauntings, UFOs and the like.

Before we went to the mechanic she played in her room for awhile.  She came out with one of her toy cats, Kandy.  Kandy had apparently broken her leg so she was wearing a cast fashioned from paper towel and tape.  She came with us today riding in Bailey’s purse.

She requested some workbooks, so we went to Chapter’s and bought her “The Complete Active Minds Grade 4 Workbook.”  Later we stopped by NexGeneration Toys and they had “Complete Canadian Curriculum” on sale for 5 bucks so we bought that too.

As soon as we got home, Bailey spent about an hour working in her new books.  Then she disappeared into her room and recently came out asking me to come and see a routine she had been working on.  So I joined her, and watched a dance routine she had made up to go with a song from Aladdin.

Now we are going to go to the new Starbucks that is having its soft opening today.  It is within walking distance of our apartment, and I am going to have some trouble staying away, I think!

Before I go, here is a quick list of some of the things she has done since her first official day of unschooling on Monday 5 January:

  • helped me make Kool-Aid playdough
  • read a book
  • finished cleaning her room
  • said goodbye to her teachers as we cleaned out her locker and desk at school
  • played with and cared for her hamster (who stinks, she says)

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