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10 January 2009 January 11, 2009

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Yesterday was quite busy, and I was glad we had been rather lazy the day before.  After dropping Steve off at work we went to the midwife.  Bailey got to hear the heartbeat for the first time!  Then we went home and rested for awhile.  Bailey played in her room, and then went on the Webkinz website for awhile.  Just before we left for my second appointment we did the coolest experiment that I found here.  (Put some milk in a saucer, put some drops of food coloring in the milk, then put one small drop of dish soap in the middle of the saucer.  It’s so cool!  And you’ll thank me for not elaborating on what happens.  It’s more fun to find out on your own.  Don’t worry, it’s not messy!)

My second appointment was with a program called Baby’s Head Start.  I decided to go there because I found out I could get $10/week toward healthy food.  I feel a little bit bad using their resources though because I think it’s really a program aimed more towards women and families who are a lot more at risk than we are.  By ‘at risk’ I mean women who need help with addiction issues, severe poverty, lack of education surrounding nutrition and breastfeeding, etc.  They don’t seem to know what to do with me.  I plan to homebirth, I homeschool, I plan to breastfeed until this baby self-weans, and I’m looking into things like Natural Infant Hygiene.  In short, while I don’t think of myself as particularly granola-y, I am probably a lot more crunchy than many of the women who access their services.  And yes, I’m aware of how snobby that all sounds.  What I’m trying to say is that while I am ‘at risk’ for poverty, that is about the only way I fit into their program.  Man, that still sounds snobby.  I’ll just give up trying to justify my elitism, lol.  Just accept that I am better than everyone.  😛

The rest of the afternoon was spent shopping.  We got a fake 6′ tall xmas tree for $8.00!  (It was 75% off.)  It’s no beauty, but at least now we won’t have to shell out $30 for a real one when xmas rolls around again.  By the end of our shopping trip we were both exhausted.  And then we had to lug everything into the apartment! 

I am so tired of living here.  It’s only one  flight of stairs, but there are three doors (two locked ones) to negotiate to get inside.  And when I want to do laundry I have to lug everything down two flights of stairs through five doors (two of which are locked.)

Today we visited with my sister and her 4-year-old son.  We went shopping and Bailey played with her cousin for hours.  Now she is outside with Steve.  They built an enormous snowman and are now making an igloo.

I just got off the phone with my ex-mother-in-law.  I told her that I pulled Bailey out of school and then I held my breath.  As I expected she didn’t fully get it.  She is worried about how I am going to get Bailey to sit still at the kitchen table to do her work when I have a new baby.  Um, yeah, I didn’t mention that that is not what I am doing.  It is very important that I keep this log, I think.  If I run into any trouble I’ll formalize this writing into an offline version.  Now that she knows, she’ll make darn sure that her son (Bailey’s bio-dad) knows.  And she’ll push her concerns on him.

Anyway, I will not worry myself about this.  I am the primary caregiver, and I am doing what I know is best for Bailey.

Even though we’re unschooling, I think I need to keep the following subjects in mind when I log our activities:

  • math
  • physical education
  • science
  • The “S” word (socialization.)

Deep breaths, positive thinking…


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