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13 January 2009 January 13, 2009

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Sunday was a church day.  (It’s a Unitarian Universalist church*)  I am the Sunday School teacher, and we use a Montessori-style program called Spirit Play.  I did a story box about the 7 promises of UUism and then the kids worked on whatever they wanted to do.  Bailey explored another story box made by a fellow congregation member about Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan.

After church Steve and I did some more cleaning.  We have been working really hard to get our tiny apartment clean before the baby comes.  We have given away and thrown out probably half of our stuff!  Even our storage room is 100% organized now, filled only with those things that are truly used only seasonally (camping, xmas and halloween decorations, etc).  We each only have a couple small piles left to conquer!  Even Bailey’s room is finally perfectly tidy.  I am so proud of us all.  Living in a home this organized is vital to my mental health, and isn’t as boring as it sounds, lol!  We actually tend to do more projects and fun stuff together when we can actually see the kitchen table and find the materials we need.

We went to M&M Meat Shops in the afternoon to spend the $50 gift certificate that we got for xmas from Steve’s parents, and then picked up Bailey’s friend so they could play for a couple hours.  They spent an hour outside in the snow, and then played in Bailey’s room.  I heard them dancing and singing.  So cute!

Monday was another lazy day.  Sunday was a “bad uterus” day for me and I think all the contractions tired me out.  Bailey and I watched Beethoven 1&2 and made Rice Krispie squares.  She also did some art and worked in her workbook.

One of the people at my church works at the Distance Education division of our school district.  I mentioned it to Bailey and she seems interested in checking it out so I will make an appointment.  It isn’t exactly the “no curriculum” approach that I want, but it might just save my butt in the event that her bio-dad decides to go after me.  I won’t make any judgements until I meet with them.  What I’ve heard so far is that you have an online “teacher” that helps you stay within the provincial curiculum, but that it is up to the parent to deliver said curriculum in whatever manner they choose.  I would really prefer to 100% unschool, but I am painfully aware that I may have to justify my decisions to her bio-dad. 

Today we are off to see a nutritionist and then going to the library.  It’s +1C and it’s nice to have an outing!

* A brief description of our church from the Canadian Unitarian Council:  

We are…
-a religious community where the binding covenant includes support for the individual in his or her own search for meaning and truth
-a gathering point for those who reject creeds and dogmas in favour of an open and unfettered exploration of religious traditions
-a life-affirming religion with values validated in this life, not in some place of future reward or punishment


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