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20 January 2009 January 21, 2009

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New discovery: regularity of blogging correlates directly to amount of Lost I have been watching.

We have been keeping fairly busy.  The Attachment Parenting group was fun, and Bailey didn’t seem to feel out of place with all the babies and toddlers around.  I got to hold a 6-week-old and a 5-month-old!

Over the weekend we went to a baby shower and I got to hold a 4.5-month old.  It’s been a real baby week!  Bailey was the only other kid there, unfortunately, but she got lots of attention.

Sunday was super lazy.  We cleaned a little, but mostly we sat around as a family and watched episode after episode of Lost.  By Monday night we had finished Season 2, but when I went to work to pick up Season 3 we found that someone had already rented it!  Disaster!  We are all in withdrawal now.  I am almost tempted to go to another video store and actually pay to rent!  (I can still rent for free at my local video store because I am still technically employed by them).

Today was Inauguration Day for the incoming U.S. President, Barack Obama.  Even though I am Canadian, I couldn’t help but feel excited and hopeful today.  I try to be cynical to protect myself against disappointment, but I let that go for today and just enjoyed the pomp and circumstance.

Today we also went to see a nutritionist, and found out that I am actually doing much better at following Canada’s Food Guide than I thought I was.  Admittedly I was trying a little harder the past few days knowing that I had this appointment and having to keep a food diary, but I didn’t actually change my eating habits all that much.  Mostly I just eliminated the junk, which is something I’ve been working on doing anyway.  Bailey had lots of fun playing with the fake food that the nutritionist has.

After the nutritionist, we went to the library.  Bailey took out 21 books!  She decided that the UFO/sasquatch/ghost kick she had been on was actually a little too scary for her, so she returned all those books, and today took out a variety of books on different subjects.  She got some baby names books, one about grammar, some fiction (including 2 by Judy Blume that I get to read when she’s done!), a few about puberty, one about technology, one about Venice, one about Force & Motion, and her favourite: Like A Pro which I should really just buy for her since she’s always taking it out from the library!

Tonight we went as a family to the Philosopher’s Cafe, an event hosted by the local chapter of the Council of Canadians.  Essentially it is a group discussion about a specific topic.  Tonight the topic was ‘Living Subversively in the Midst of Empire: Jesus and Obama.’  It was Bailey’s and Steve’s first time going, but I’ve attended a few times with my old roommates.  I don’t know that Bailey absorbed much tonight, but that isn’t why I brought her.  I just want to expose her to as many cool opportunities as I can.

My Dad is home from Europe, so I am hoping to see him tomorrow.  I am also hoping that my mom will agree to take Bailey overnight so that Steve and I can have some couple time.  It’s so nice to be able to do that on a “school” night!


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  1. Sandra Dodd Says:

    Baby names and grammar have been my kind of books since I was nine or ten (and unendingly since). Holly has a collection of dolls, and when she got one from Ireland recently, I sent her a link to a site with common names in Ireland. She chose “Dezmond.” There are some great names sites online!

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