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30 January 2009 January 30, 2009

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The past couple days have been lots of fun.  Of course I ended up having a lot more fun at the ICS thing than I thought I would.  I can be a bit of a Debbie Downer when it comes to getting out of my comfort zone.  Oh, and we made 3 dishes with sweet potatoes in them, not fish.  Bailey and I were the only two people who showed up.  I made samosas, and Bailey helped make sweet potato “fries” (they were baked) and beef stew.  There was enough leftover that we got to take some home, so that was nice.

I’ve been a bit paranoid about making these blogs so public, but after some soul-searching I’ve decided that I’m going to leave them as they are.  No pseudonyms, no hiding.  Funny how when you have a question the universe will put answers out there for you to find.  Just as I was mulling over the anonymity issue I checked out Ariel’s blog and saw her most recent entry.  (Ariel is the author of Offbeat Bride and though we’ve never met I admire her work and her openness.)  I am worried, too, that I dissed Bailey’s bio-dad so badly, and that it might appear that I dissed Bailey grandmother.  Honestly, though, I wouldn’t take back anything I said.  I have lost any respect I used to have for her Dad, but mostly I feel sad for him.  As for his mother, I love her to bits, and she drives me crazy, and I’m sure she’d say the same thing about me!

I quietly made a list the other day of Bailey-initiated questions and projects.  My brain knows to trust the deschooling part of the unschooling process, but if I am to be honest then I must admit that part of me was worried.  However, making a list of the little things she was doing really helped me.  This is by no means complete, either, as I only wrote things down when I was near my notebook.

  • Why do onions make us cry?  We saw a mom at the grocery store yesterday who was explaining this very thing to her daughter after looking it up on Google on her cell phone.  (Have I mentioned how much I heart the interwebs?  Oh yeah, I heart it.)  We didn’t hear her entire explanation and I was too shy to approach her so Bailey and I looked it up today.
  • Why is there sugar in fruit?  We didn’t get a satisfactory answer to this one, but learned a bit about sucrose and fructose.
  • What is 15/2?  I still don’t know why she asked that, but I answered her and she was happy.
  • She spent some time playing with Google’s maps.  She discovered the function that allows you to enter two destinations and get directions from point A to point B.
  • When Steve got home they spent some time reading the script for “Grease.” (Her auntie sent her the movie.  It came with a VHS tape, DVD, and script.)
  • We looked together at a book about traditional Shuswap homes.  Their culture is fairly close to ours (I am part Nlha’7kapmx) so we spent some time discussing that and imagining what it would be like to have lived back then.

That’s all I wrote down, but we also went to the library, and she took out another big pile of books (and returned some of the other ones).  She got a lot of fiction this time, as well as some cookbooks.  She also learned that the library will put books on hold for her, and bring in books from other branches.  She promptly took advantage of that!

Yesterday was family day, as it was Steve’s day off.  She let us sleep in a little and while we were sleeping she loaded the dishwasher, started it, and made us coffee!  Woohoo!  Then she and Steve made pancakes while I had a shower.  Bailey set the table and we had quite a feast.

I decided I would like some time to myself so while Steve took Bailey shopping for bathing suits (they both really needed them) I went to Chapter’s and used my $25 gift card to get two books: Painless Childbirth: A Nine-Step Guide to a Conscious & Sacred Birth, and a humourous book, It Could Happen To You: Diary of a Pregnancy and Beyond.  Then we went to Costco and I picked up Yes Man, the book that inspired the Jim Carrey movie.  3 new books!  I am in heaven.

Bailey and Steve decided they’d like to go swimming so they dropped me off at home and headed to the pool.  They ended up staying for close to 3 hours!  Steve dropped Bailey off at home and then ran off 
(late) to rapier practice.

Bailey and I made dinner together and then played Animal Crossing for awhile.  Finally I read her two chapters of Are You There God?  It’s Me Margaret.  I love that book!

Today I was supposed to go to a La Leche League meeting at a friend’s house but her husband is sick so that was postponed.  I think we will go for a walk and make some cake instead.

I am loving being free.  Now that I don’t work 5 nights a week I feel like I have my life back.  There are so many doors opening now.  Besides the Attachment Parenting group that I attend every couple weeks, I am working on starting a Secular Homeschooler’s group in Kamloops.  We have our first meeting on 15 February.  Oh, and Dr. Gabor Mate is coming to town on the 20th and 21st.  Steve and I will go to his public talk on the 20th and then I will be going to an all day parenting seminar on the 21st.

Life is good.


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