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2 February 2009 February 3, 2009

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The low-lying clouds are back with a vengeance, and our energy level is at an all-time low.  Bailey and I both have lots of random aches and pains, and we were getting on each other’s nerves.

I’d like to thank Sandra Dodd for this article about boredom.  At one point today Bailey was complaining loudly about being soooo bo-ooored and it was grating on my nerves.  I felt the “you ungrateful wretch, look at all the toys and books and games and electronics you have at your disposal…” feelings coming on.  Then I remembered Sandra’s article, re-read it, and proceeded to have a cuddle time with Bailey. 

I determined that she needed some gentle mommy time and some acetaminophen.  After a cuddle, we sat in front of my full-spectrum lamp together and worked on a craft.  Soon, she was feeling happier again, and we had a great talk.

She and Steve are out swimming tonight.  I told her that I think her body is craving movement.  She has never been very athletic or co-ordinated and she resists any efforts to “make” her be more physical.  However, I must have worded it just right because she sounded excited to try this experiment:  for the next week she and I will make sure she gets a lot of physical activity and we’ll see if her sleep improves and if her aches and pains diminish.  I’m going to have to be careful because even walking around the grocery store sets off my contractions, but I’m sure I can manage a walk at the park with a long stop at a playground where she can run and I can sit.

Bailey’s grandma (bio-dad’s mom) called today to see about taking Bailey out tomorrow.  Bailey suggested the museum, and her grandma invited me to go along too, so it sounds like tomorrow will be a field trip day.  After the museum we will go to the library.

Bailey is excited about a new show on Slice called Chop Shop.  It premieres on 4 February.  The reason she is so excited is that her auntie works there and will likely be visible sometimes on the show.  Her auntie (TV name: Ramona) is a bit camera-shy, though, so she’ll probably be in the background most of the time with her dog Banjo.  If you click on the link above she is the 2nd from the right, wearing the white shirt and jean shorts.  When Bailey went to Vancouver in November with her grandparents they stopped by the Chop Shop and her auntie gave her the world’s most adorable haircut.  I’ve known “Ramona” since she was 5, and she is such a creative, intelligent person.  I’m so pleased to see her living the way she wants to, making such a cool life for herself. 

Before I sign off I just want to say that I am posting this at 7:57 p.m. my time and I am sick and tired of not knowing how to fix the time in WordPress!  It’s going to say that this was posted on 3 February sometime.  Grr!


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