So… what do you DO all day?

We do things… and stuff.

6 February 2009 February 7, 2009

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I am huge.  I am huge and tired, and useless.  And I still have 3 1/2 months left.

On Thursday we went to the Attachment Parenting Group, and Steve came too.  After that we stopped by Steve’s parents’ place and ended up staying for dinner.  Steve’s dad played a bit of music with Bailey, and his mom offered to sell us their keyboard.  We might just take them up on that!

After dinner we barely had enough time to do some quick grocery shopping before Steve had to run off to rapier practice.  Shortly after that Bailey went to bed.

Woo.  Fun day.

I am feeling discouraged that I can’t do more.  I have been having less contractions, but that’s only because I sit around so much.  Anytime I move the contractions start up again.  And now I have pelvic pain.  And today at ICS I found out that my weight shot up by about 5 lbs more than I was hoping for. 

I know: whine, whine, whine.

Anyway, today Bailey and I did some more grocery shopping, and then went for a walk downtown.  It was beautiful out, so when we got home I made her play outside for 45 minutes.  She was very resistant to the idea, but I played the bad guy.  Not very radically unschooling of me, but I don’t want her to end up getting fat like me.  Huh.  I guess I’m projecting onto her.

I’ve mentioned before that she hates being forced to do any physical activity.  (Actually, any activity)  I totally understand that, and I am like that myself.  However, it hasn’t benefitted me at all in life to be like that.  I don’t know what to do.  I want to encourage her to move and I want her to enjoy it.  However, right now I simply can’t model that behaviour.  I’ve been getting Steve to take her swimming, and I’ve been going on walks with her, but it’s not enough.  We can’t afford organized sports, and the only other person who is willing to do any physical activity with her is her grandma on her dad’s side. 

Unfortunately, Bailey has become extremely resistant to her grandma’s teaching.  Her grandma thinks that by pushing Bailey she will get results, but Bailey doesn’t work like that.  The more someone wants her to do something, the more Bailey convinces herself that she can’t do it, or isn’t interested in it.  Her grandma thinks Bailey should learn to skate, and now Bailey hates skating.  She pushed Bailey to learn to ride a bike, and it took her until last summer (at age 9) to get the hang of it.  Now she is teaching Bailey to swim, and I am afraid that Bailey will start to hate that too.  Her grandma has only the best of intentions, but I worry that as Bailey gets older she will tolerate this relationship less and less.  For now I’ve asked Bailey to be patient, to listen respectfully, and to remember that her grandma is trying to help.

This wasn’t much of a “what we did” post, was it?


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