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11 February 2009 February 12, 2009

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We’ve had another couple of uneventful days here.  Pyjama-wearing, TV-watching, book-reading, internet-surfing days.  Today, Bailey woke up with a cough and a bit of sore throat, so I guess that explains why she’s been so quiet and moody lately.

Something very upsetting happened a couple nights ago.  Remember how bio-dad came up a little while ago and I was happy because they actually had a good visit?  Bailey was in tears the other night, and finally revealed to us that her dad had been drinking and driving that day.  We have been very cautious about letting him drive with her in the past, and Steve actually refused to let her go with him one day because he smelled of alcohol.  (Steve didn’t refuse the visit, though.  He offered to drive Bailey up to bio-dad’s.)  This time he didn’t smell of booze when he picked Bailey up so I let her go with no problem. 

I really don’t have words to describe how angry I am.  I let Bailey know that to keep her safe we would not be allowing him to drive her anywhere ever again.  She was okay with that, and in fact she told me she doesn’t really want to see him again anyway.  😦  That is so sad. 

And now it is left to me and Steve to deal with bio-dad’s actions.  I don’t know what to do.  I think child protection would be on my side if I refused visitation due to safety concerns, but I am more worried about how to discuss this with him.  I don’t have a phone number for him, and I don’t know if he gets my emails.  Also, I don’t think he will take me seriously.  To me, even one beer (and Bailey tells me it was closer to three total, along with some clear liquid in a square, glass bottle) while driving — especially with one’s child in the car — is evidence of utter stupidity and lack of giving a shit about other people’s safety.  To him, I am hysterical, and over-reacting.

AARGH!  Enough about that.  Now back to your regularly scheduled blog.

She and Steve went swimming last night, and we went for a short walk today to the video store where I used to work.  She lost a tooth last night and the toonie that the tooth fairy brought her was burning a hole in her pocket.  The video store has the best candy in our neighbourhood, so off we went!

I was looking back at my past blog posts, and I realized how much more interesting the one post with pictures looks.  So, here is a picture from the birthday party we went to on the weekend.  The birthday boy is on the right.  Isn’t he little? 


And, in case you’re interested, here is our first official family photo, taken shortly after Steve and I were declared husband and wife on July 5, 2008.  (Actually, we got legally married on Canada Day but that was a holiday  Tuesday and too difficult to plan for.  We wanted out anniversary to be July 1 though so that’s why we had two weddings!)  Excuse my face, it’s not the best photo.  Concentrate on my beautiful Bailey instead.  🙂


And there you have it.  An uneventful, yet drama-filled blog post.  Complete with pictures!


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