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15 February 2009 February 16, 2009

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So the rest of the weekend turned out to be incredibly busy! 

Shortly after I posted yesterday’s blog I got a call from my youngest sister who is 17.  Our mom was out of town for the weekend, but my sister had just taken a call from our mom’s friend who was bringing her back to Kamloops to the hospital, suspecting that she may have had a stroke.

I told Bailey that we had to hurry to the hospital because my mom was sick and she quickly gathered up some books and games to occupy herself.  Then I called my other sister and within 20 minutes we were all at the hospital, crowding into their tiny triage area. 

Mom was very confused.  She kept asking where she was, how she got there, and who brought her there.  Her face wasn’t drooping, though, and she was able to answer most of the intake nurse’s questions.  She could identify objects and knew who her family was.

Even though it means a ridiculously long wait, I like it when they triage me or my family as a 3, because it means that we aren’t actually in any imminent danger.  However, they must have triaged Mom as a 1 because she got in right away.  My middle sister went in first, but I got to come in a bit later.  They did a CT scan, blood work, and an EEG.  This is how it went:

Mom: Where is this?  Are we in Kamloops?

Us: Yes, we’re in Royal Inland Hospital.

Mom: I don’t even remember getting here.

Us: Your friend brought you.  You were in Merritt.

Mom: Oh?  I must have had too much fun.  I must be having a stroke.  My mom had a stroke.

Us: Well, they’re running tests.  We don’t know for sure what is happening yet.

Mom: My head hurts.  Where are we?  Is this Kamloops?

Us: Yes…

… and repeat this.  Over and over again.  Intersperse it with:

Mom: What day is it?

Us: It’s February 14th.

Mom: Whaaat?

At one point my sister offered me the chair, saying, “Here, you sit.  You’re the pregnant one,” and my mom said, “Whaaat?  That’s wonderful!  When were you planning on telling me this?”  It’s funny now, but when it happened I nearly had to leave because it upset me so much.

Eventually the test results came back, and the doctor told us Mom was not having a stroke, or any kind of heart or circulation-related trauma at all.  She had Transient Global Amnesia.  He explained it further, “Have you ever seen the movie ’50 First Dates’?  Remember 10-Second Tom?  Well, that’s your mom, only it won’t last forever.  This should be over within 24 hours.”


There was nothing they could do, no reason for her to stay in hospital.  We were instructed to take her home, stay with her, and answer her questions over and over again until her memory came back.  She would likely never remember the day’s events, as her brain was like a one or two minute long segment of videotape that was constantly being rewound and recorded over.

Mom’s friend and my youngest sister took her home, and I promised to come over once Steve was off work.  When we got there she seemed to be doing a little better already.  She didn’t remember Steve, and she kept asking my due date, but she wasn’t asking questions every minute anymore.  Her memory seemed to have increased to 5 minutes.  We didn’t spend the night, but we stopped by late this morning to check on her, and she seemed tired and muddled, but otherwise totally normal again.

That was probably the weirdest thing I have ever witnessed.  I am so glad that it will likely never recur, and I am even gladder that it was not a stroke.


Mom, the day before the wedding (July 4, 2008).

After we made sure Mom was okay, we went over to our friend’s house for the first meeting of the Secular Homeschoolers of Kamloops (that’s the working name anyway).  What a turnout!  There were some families there who I’d met through RUN, and some families who were already part of the Attachment Parenting Group that my friend hosts.  Altogether there were 14 adults and 10 kids ranging in age from a few months to 9 years old.  If everyone had brought all their kids there probably would have been another 8-10 kids, easily.

I hadn’t really had a set plan for the meeting.  I mostly wanted to get people together and see what would transpire.  I think (?) it was a success.  There were a lot of unschoolers there, which was fantastic, and we were able to answer questions from parents who were still unsure about what they wanted for their children.  Well, the more experienced unschoolers were able to answer questions.  I mostly sat and absorbed the knowledge!

Bailey enjoyed herself immensely.  It’s about time she got to meet some kindred spirits!

I’m not sure what to do for a next step.  I want desperately to meet with everyone again and again, though, so hopefully others are of the same mindset.

… and that was our weekend.


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