So… what do you DO all day?

We do things… and stuff.

19 February 2009 February 20, 2009

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Huh.  I don’t know what to write.  We’ve had a very uneventful few days.

On Monday Mom had a follow-up appointment with her family doctor and we all went with her.  My sister had done some research and found that one of Mom’s new pain meds had a 1-7% chance of causing amnesia, so the doctor took her off of it just in case.

Tuesday I did my Blood Glucose Test at the hospital, and Bailey stayed with my mom.

Yesterday we did some grocery shopping.  Late last night we found out that my Employment Insurance claim had finally gone through, and I should be expecting some money soon.  Thank goodness!  We were getting very close to having to think about what we would do if we got evicted.

Today was Steve’s day off, and we went to the Attachment Parenting playgroup.  Then we did some grocery shopping, and some work around the house.

See?  A totally uneventful few days! 

Bailey doesn’t seem to mind though.  We’ve all been a little under the weather.  Not sick, really, but minor sore throats, sinus pain, and headaches.

I’ve noticed that Bailey is spending less time with electronic entertainment, and more time playing with her dolls in her room.  She is still reading a lot, too, which is great.  This morning I was reading Sandra Dodd’s blog and when Bailey saw her name she got very excited.  She ran to her room and brought me one of her library books.  Inside, Sandra had a blurb called Homemade Playground Maps about making maps to buried treasure in a playground.  (The book is The Ultimate Book of Homeschooling Ideas: 500+ Fun and Creative Learning Activities by Linda Dobson.  Bailey took it out of the library, not me, lol.)  I thought it was neat that she recognized the name so readily.

Yesterday I also started my own “ning” group.  Ning is a site that allows people to make their own online social networking group.  It’s the same site that hosts RUN, the Radical Unschoolers Network.  Here’s a link to mine if you’re interested: Secular Homeschoolers of Kamloops.

…And that’s it, really.


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