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23 February 2009 February 24, 2009

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There is still not a lot happening around our house.  It’s okay though, because I think we are all going through a period of low energy, and it’s nice that we are all on the same wavelength.  If one of us had high energy right now I think it would be really tough on all of us.

This weekend I went to a parenting conference while my Dad watched Bailey.  Dr. Gabor Mate was the keynote speaker, and at the end we all got one of his books for free!  There were three workshops.  I attended “Managing and Enjoying Mealtimes,” “Discipline That Teaches,” and “When The Body Says No.”  All were well done, but I think I could have skipped the one about discipline, as it was more geared towards why discipline was more effective and empowering than punishment.  They were preaching to the choir on that one!

The whole day got me thinking about my parenting style, and got me thinking about ways I could improve my attachment to Bailey.  I know that even though I have practiced attachment parenting as much as I could that I have seriously screwed up sometimes.  All I can do is keep doing my best though, and hope that Bailey will do an even better job with her own kids.  My mother and grandmother had next to no parenting skills because they went through the Residential School system, so I am actually quite proud of what I have been able to overcome.

We had church on Sunday, and I had two stories to tell the children.  The first was Stone Soup, which I read to them because next service we will be making Stone Soup for the congregation with whatever ingredients the congregation members think to bring.  The second was a new storybox called “The Wise People and the Elephant.”  It is very similar to this story.

After church we decided to go to McDonald’s for a treat.  Bailey was supposed to go to a movie with her grandma but her grandma’s back was hurting her too much.  I had hoped to go on a coffee date with Steve while Bailey was at the movie, so instead we went to the McDonald’s that had a playground so Bailey could play while we visited.  Ugh, I have been eating extremely well for the past month and a half and that burger and fries sat like a lump in my stomach until I went to bed last night! 

Today we went for coffee with Bailey’s auntie, who is expecting a baby in April.  Her baby bump is noticeably smaller than mine… but then again, whose isn’t?  I am Humongo!  Watch as I devour this village!  Cower before me as I threaten to sit on you!  Seriously, after coffee I caught my reflection in a store’s window and couldn’t believe how big my belly was.  Thankfully it’s obviously a pregnancy belly, though.  The rest of me looks fairly normal.

One last thing that I found neat:  Bailey knows what the word segue means!  She brought it up earlier and I thought she was talking about Segways, but then she said, “no, like when you want to change the conversation to something else you can use a segue.”  I’m so glad she’s a word nerd like me.  Yesterday she was playing with, using the speech function to make it say words like “fart,” “poop,” and “antidisestablishmentarianism.”  XD


Look out!  It’s Humongo!


The belly today.  (28 weeks, 5 days.)


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