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30 March 2009 March 30, 2009

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…so I’d just like to know who searched for this site with the search terms “girl fart poop.”  LOL, you gotta love site stats and their oh-so-helpful information.

Bailey is home!  Actually she has been back since Saturday.  Her grandparents kindly made a DVD of her trip for us, so we got to see what they did.

They spent all of Monday on the train.  I’m so jealous!  I haven’t taken the VIA since I was 19.  (Which, oh my god, was 15 years ago.)  They spent Tuesday and Wednesday at West Edmonton Mall, Thursday at the Royal Alberta Museum, and then all day Friday on the train coming home.  We gave Bailey $20 for the trip (and her grandparents matched that), and she used some of it to buy a onesie for the baby.  🙂  She finally got the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and I think the rest went to candy and chips on the train!


Squeee!  It’s so little!  (Loonie for size reference.)

Steve and I had a very restful week.  He had to work on Monday but I did nothing.  Seriously, all I did was go online and play Paper Mario.  That night we went to the hospital for a tour of the labour/delivery wing.  I touched on that on my other blog.  After the tour we went for dinner at A&W, and for some reason we got giggling about an article (and the resulting comments) on Boing Boing: “Replica Monty Python Hand Grenade Causes Bomb Scare in London,” and we just had to rent the movie.

He got off early on Tuesday and that was the beginning of 3 days off in a row for him!  He hasn’t had more than one day off at a time in nearly 8 months.  That evening we went to a shire social and I learned to do book binding while Steve did some demo fighting.  It was great to see some of the people there.  Normally I find these events a bit stressful because there are a couple of people who just aggravate the &%#$ out of me.  So here’s a shout-out to Lady Sorcha of Hawkshaven for showing up even though her friend was in town.  (By the way, Sorcha… if you see this let me know if you want me to link to your blog so that my two readers can check out what your two readers already enjoy.)


The finished product.  These books were leftover kits from another event.


The side view.  This is called Coptic book binding.

Wednesday we planned to do nothing, but Steve ended up being quite productive.  We figured out the carseat, he made some ammunition for his Rubber Band Gun, and we finally brought the recycling to the depot.  To give you an idea of how long it has been… I am 33 weeks pregnant and there were wine bottles amongst the other beverage containers!

We decided to go to Salmon Arm (a.k.a. Fish Appendage) on Thursday to visit his grandmother.  I think we totally made her day.  She took us to lunch on her very limited income and refused to let us help pay.  😦  Afterwards, Steve and I took a quick look around downtown, went down to the wharf, and then drove home.

On Friday we inventoried our baby supplies and then relaxed some more.  We went out for dinner (budget?  What budget?) and now we are completely broke but happy, lol.

On Saturday Bailey came home!  I had to wait until nearly noon to see her, though, as they were busy burning us a copy of the DVD.  It was so good to have her back home.  I swear she grew another inch!

Sunday was a family day.  Steve and Bailey made omelets for lunch to surprise me.

Today Bailey and I went to visit my friend and her baby in their new apartment.  He is so cute and he smiles all the time.  She and I had a great visit.  We need to do that more often!

That’s it for today.


21 March 2009 March 21, 2009

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Good news!  My mood has definitely improved, and I swear it’s all due to the weather.  There comes a point in winter where I am just DONE, I think.  A point where everything sucks, nothing will ever get any better, and I can’t even tolerate other people’s joy.  I am quietly depressed at the end of January every year, but I think mid-February to mid-March is when the symptoms manifest outwardly, which is almost worse because it affects everyone around me, too.  Every year I learn more about my Seasonal Affective Disorder.  Hopefully one day I’ll be done learning and just move somewhere warm, for goodness sake.

Saw the midwife on Wednesday.  It was actually a temporary midwife as Joanna is on holiday for a couple of weeks.  Apparently she never got the results of my Gestational Diabetes test, so I might have to get it done again.  Ugh!

Wednesday night we went to the library, and Bailey took out her usual giant pile of books.  I’m so happy to see her love of reading returning.  Now that she doesn’t have to fill out the stupid form for school detailing how much she read she is reading voluntarily again.

On Thursday Bailey and I went for tea downtown at the Royal Victorian Tea House with my best friend of almost-30 years.  She doesn’t get to town very often, and for the past couple years she has been wanting to go to the tea house, but they’ve always been closed!  We really enjoyed ourselves.  Afterwards we did some shopping downtown and then went up to the mall.


At the Tea House.  Wow, I’m HUGE!

Thursday night Steve went to practice, and Bailey and I played some Scrabble.  At one point I noticed that I had the right letters to make the word “SHOULDER” on a Triple Word Score, using up all my letters to also get the 50 point bonus.  I scored 86 points for that one word!  In good fun, Bailey called me a jerk, and then it was her turn.  She was happy to realize that she had the letters to spell, “JERK!”  Hahaha!

Friday was another ICS day.  I’m really getting tired of these appointments.  The staff are nice and everything, and it’s great to get the $20 every two weeks for groceries, but I’m not getting anything out of it other than the $20.  There’s a big poster on the way in advertising the “Mothers in Recovery” program.  There are information brochures everywhere about proper nutrition, early intervention programs, “how to be a mom” programs… these are all great programs, I’m sure, and I am glad they exist.  But they are not relevant to me at all!

Anyway, after ICS we went shopping.  We didn’t even get much, but I was exhausted afterwards.  We did a lot of walking with my best friend on Thursday though, so I wonder if I just overdid it.

Today Bailey and I went with my Dad to “Seedy Saturday,” a free seed exchange and gardening event.  I thought it would be a little more fun but it was actually a bit dull.  Dad brought some lettuce seeds but didn’t take anything home.  Bailey did a little craft and then played at the playground while Dad and I walked over to the river to see if we could see the swans.  They weren’t there, but Dad thinks he saw a heron!

Afterwards, we went back to Dad’s and he warmed up some homemade sticky buns.  Oh.  My.  God.  Yum.  We visited for a bit and then went home.

Tonight Steve is doing a bunch of laundry because Bailey leaves for Edmonton tomorrow!  I’m going to miss her a lot, and she won’t be back until late Saturday night.  Steve took a couple vacation days this week, and I am looking forward to having him all to myself.  We’ll have Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday together!  I’m hoping we can do something.  We can’t afford to do much, but it would be nice to go for a drive or something.  We could always pack our picnic basket or just eat at Tim Horton’s.

And that’s it for now.  I’m not sure how much I’ll post while Bailey is away.  Maybe more because I’ll be lonely and bored without her or maybe less because I’m not going to do much without her around.


17 March 2009 March 17, 2009

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Holy insomnia Batman.  I am so tired that it looks like the screen is tilted sideways, so if this post makes no sense I apologize in advance!

There is a new post up on my sister site  if you’re interested.  I think I’m being a bit too perfectionist about that site, with the result that I didn’t even make one post in February because I only want to post things there that are well thought out and heavily proofread.  As opposed to here where I just kind of wing it and write for the sake of writing.

Back to the insomnia.  For the past two nights I have not been able to sleep for more than about 4 hours.  Yesterday I didn’t feel to bad.  A little sleepy, but nothing I couldn’t handle.  Last night I fell asleep on the couch around 10.30 p.m., and then Steve woke me to bring me to bed at 1.00 a.m.  Of course that little trip from couch to bathroom to bedroom woke me up and I tossed and turned until 2.30, got up, messed around online, went back to bed around 4.30 and fell asleep at about 6.00.  Then Steve’s alarm went off every 9 minutes from 8.00 until just before 9.00 so I got up and I’ve been up since.

It doesn’t help that I’ve been having really bad Braxton-Hicks contractions since Sunday.  They’re as bad as they were back in January, and yesterday I actually had to breathe through some of them.  I see the midwife (well, her vacation replacement) tomorrow and I will ask her about them.  I am hoping I won’t go into preterm labour or anything.

Not much news about Bailey this time.  She had fun at her Grandma L.’s place, and enjoyed the Cowboy Festival.  She didn’t get back until suppertime on Saturday.  

We went to the homeschooler’s meeting on Sunday.  That night we played hangman together, which was really nice.  I’m finding it increasingly difficult to move, so anything we can do together while I sit on the couch is great.

On Monday my mom (Grandma P.) came to pick Bailey up around noon, and she won’t be home until after supper today!  So my body picked a good time to have insomnia.  At least I only have myself to worry about today.

Ugh, that’s it.  I think I might try to have a nap.


13 March 2009 March 14, 2009

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So, it’s official:  Bailey is about a million times braver than me.

Tonight she was supposed to go skating with Grandma L. and was then going to sleep over there and go to a Cowboy festival tomorrow.  As I’ve mentioned before, Bailey hates skating and hates being pushed by her grandma.  I figured there was not much point in bringing up the skating with her grandma since they would likely only go once or twice a year.  Well, Bailey had other thoughts.  She decided to call her grandma, and had a cue card ready detailing what she wanted to say.  Apparently she had also emailed her grandma, though, because when Bailey called her grandma already knew what the call was about.  So, Bailey is not skating tonight!  She wanted to get out of going to the Cowboy Festival tomorrow, too, but I encouraged her to try it because it is good to try new things.  She seemed to see the logic in that, so she is sleeping at Grandma L.’s tonight and going to the festival tomorrow.

How did my daughter get so brave?  It is clearly an inborn trait, as there is no way she got it from my piss-poor example.  I avoid conflict so much that it interferes with my life!  Thank goodness I have such an amazing person to learn from.

Lots of emotional stuff happening at home right now.  I think the three of us are really processing change right now.  Let’s see, in less than a year we’ve had…

  • a new marriage
  •  new living arrangements (Bailey didn’t always live full-time with us.  Up until June 2008 she lived one week with us and one with Bio-dad.)
  • a new baby on the way
  • we’re newly homeschooling
  • and having me home full-time is also new

Add to that a new season that is sloooowly coming, and we are all in a state of upheaval.

So that is all for today.  I am being gentle with myself and going to take a nap.


11 March 2009 March 11, 2009

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I’m typing this now in case I can’t see later.  I have to get eyedrops at the specialist today, and this time they’re supposed to be stronger.  All this for him to confirm my eye doctor’s strong suspicion that my retina is just fine and that what I am experiencing is White Without Pressure. . . which would be a great name for a a band comprising of white supremacists who were really rather laissez-faire about their politics.  (Did I really just make a joke about racists?  Yes, I believe I did.)

Bailey and I went to a City Council meeting yesterday.  It was pretty neat, if boring, and I think she enjoyed seeing the mayor and councillors.  We are both baffled by why they read from the bible at the beginning of the meeting, and why they can’t speak directly to one another but must instead direct all questions and comments through the mayor.  (As in, a presenter will reply to a councillor’s question by saying “through to Councillor Spina, your Worship, blah blah blah…”)  We only stayed for about 1/2 an hour, and then we left.

I have been very tired lately, and slightly under the weather.  I’ve also noticed that I am starting to focus a lot more on the birth and on getting things ready.  Is it normal to feel like nesting this early?

I leave you with an adorable picture of Bailey and her hamster.  Enjoy!



9 March 2009 March 10, 2009

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We’ve had a couple rough days.  I think it’s related to my increasing crankiness stemming from the physical pain I’m experiencing with this pregnancy, coupled with Bailey’s insomnia and compounded by Steve’s burnout from never getting two days off in a row with his current job.

Relief is in sight though.  Bailey will be going on a short vacation to Kelowna with her Grandma P. (my mom) early next week.  My best friend is coming to town next week too!  The week after that Bailey will be going on a vacation with her Grandma L. and Grandpa M. (Bio-dad’s parents).  They will be taking the Via train to Edmonton.  Steve has arranged to have 3 days off in a row during that time so we will be having a babymoon of sorts.  We can’t afford to go anywhere or do anything, but at least we will be together and not have to go anywhere or do anything!

Bailey did start her blog.  It is here if you are interested.  I’m thrilled that she was so excited about it!  The deal is that I get to read over whatever she writes before she hits “post” so that I can make sure she isn’t giving out any information that might be useful for a pervert.  Honestly, though, I try not to be too paranoid about the internet.  The computers are both in the living room, I am heavily involved in Bailey’s life, and I keep up a dialogue with her about listening to her gut.  I truly believe that our neighbourhoods and cyberspace are safer than the media would have us believe.

I got an irritating phone call from Grandma L. today.  Despite the information I sent to her about unschooling she still wanted to talk about how concerned she is about Bailey’s education.  I’m cool with that, but it’s like she never even read the information!  Steve figures that she probably started reading it with a closed mind and that coloured her impression of everything she read. 

She doesn’t have to agree with me.  I’m cool with that, too.  We’ve had our share of major differences of opinion and managed just fine.  She used to be a Jehovah’s Witness for goodness sakes!  Talk about two people who really shouldn’t get along at all, let alone be as friendly toward one another as we are.  However, I wish she would realize that I am the parent, I decide what is right for my child, and I know what I am doing.  When she was a JW I completely accepted her lifestyle, and never would have dreamed of telling her that I thought it was screwing up her kids.  She was the parent, she was making decisions based on what she thought was best, and it was ultimately her decision.

Steve thinks we should go for a private coffee with her and talk to her about our concerns.  He also thinks that we should express to her our concerns about how her pushiness is causing Bailey to not want to spend any time with her anymore.  She has taken it upon herself to teach Bailey swimming and skating.  As a result, Bailey hates skating now, and I really don’t see any need for her to do an activity that she hates.  However, these “lessons” happen maybe twice a year so it’s not a big enough issue for me to deal with.  Bailey enjoys swimming and I do think it is important for her to know how to swim well.  She doesn’t enjoy grandma’s lessons but is willing to put up with them if it means she gets to go to the pool more often.

Anyway, I think Steve is right… and if I had an ounce of courage or emotional maturity I would probably make arrangements for that coffee!

Bailey and I tried to play outside today, but it was bitterly cold and we soon came back in.  While she was taking off her shoes she asked me about the tongue of her shoe, so we looked up the parts of the shoe on Wikipedia.  There happened to be a picture of an ancient shoe in the article, and that got us talking about Ötzi, the ice man.  That seemed to inspire her, and she spent the next hour researching and writing about mummies!  Too cool.

Bailey played two days in a row this weekend with one of her friends from her old school.  Both playdates went fairly well, which was quite a relief.  Someone on the Radical Unschoolers Network pointed out that maybe I shouldn’t worry so much about Bailey socializing with children as opposed to adults.  What a thought!  The more I think about it the more it makes sense.  Other kids are not necessarily the best role models anyway, and who do I want her to be attached to anyway?  Me and Steve or some random kids?  My mind has been opened.

That is all for tonight.  Steve and I got a new-to-us bed, and I am eager to see if it eases my pain!


4 March 2009 March 4, 2009

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I am happy to report that we are still experiencing sunshine and happiness! 

First, a funny story:  For about a month now I have been seeing white crescent moon-shaped flashes in the bottom left corner of my left eye.  I knew that a regular eye exam cost $80 so I didn’t even bother calling them to get it checked out, despite my knowledge that flashes of this type are a sign of possible retinal detachment.  What can I say?  I’m both cheap and broke.

My sister thought I was nuts and told me that when she was at the eye doctor she was going to tell them my symptoms and that I wasn’t coming in because I had no money.  I just laughed and said “okay.” 

Wouldn’t you know it… yesterday morning my sister called and woke us up.  She said that the eye doctor wanted to see me in just over an hour and that it would be covered by medical!  Oh my god, she actually did it!

Anyway, I got my eyes checked out and the doctor isn’t too worried.  He’s sending me to a specialist just in case, but everything seems to be okay.

For the rest of the morning I could barely see because of the eye drops I had to get, so I just vegged on the couch and watched A Baby Story on TLC.  Have I mentioned lately how grateful I am to be planning a homebirth?

Last night we did some grocery shopping.  We also bought MySims for our Wii.  (We had agreed that if Bailey saved up half the cost that we would pay for the rest of it.)  She is playing happily right now.

Remember how it started to rain as I was typing the last blog post?  Bailey got a picture of the rainbow through our bathroom window.  You can’t see it very well because of the screen, but I thought the effect was cool anyway:


Here’s one more picture.  We did this one for fun using the timer on our camera.  I put the camera on top of our dishwasher and then got into position!


I want to get my sister to take some nice belly shots for me, and I’d love to get a family picture too.  (Hear that Lu?  😉 )

Today we will do some more grocery shopping, and hopefully go for a walk.  I am also doing some research about safe blogging for kids.  Bailey wants to start her own blog, and I am trying to decide if it would be better for me to edit for safety/privacy concerns or to have her start a private blog to which I would give out the password.  She wants people (kids) to be able to find her blog, though, so maybe the safety editing option would be best.  If anyone reads this blog and has suggestions please let me know!

Well, Bailey is in the shower… I think I will sneak in some Warcraft II.