So… what do you DO all day?

We do things… and stuff.

1 March 2009 March 2, 2009

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Sooo… what DO we do all day these days?  It has been almost a week since my last post, and every day I just figure I don’t have anything interesting enough to post.

I’m noticing that Bailey is slowly distancing herself from electronic entertainment.  I am not restricting her access to TV or computer (except at dinner and bedtime or when I’ve just plain had enough of freakin’ Zach and Cody — and then she has the option to watch on Steve’s computer with headphones).  I figured she would likely learn to self-regulate, and it appears to be working. 

She is spending lots of time playing in her room these days.  She plays house with her stuffed animals.  She has also been drawing a lot of pictures (and I mean a LOT of pictures) and writing songs.


Meringue clouds, orange sun, mushroom baby, apple mom, bacon car!

p3010011-smallerSpring is coming!

This week we found the coolest spider in our bedroom.  Now normally that would be very traumatic for me, but I’ve been working on my phobia… plus this guy was really tiny.


Behold the Pseudoscorpion!

Yesterday we went out with my sister and her son.  We did some shopping and then we hung out at her place for awhile.  At one point the baby kicked and my nephew got to feel it!  Unfortunately every time my sister put her hand on my belly the baby stopped kicking.  My nephew is sure that the baby will be a girl.

Today Bailey helped us clean the house a little bit, and then she had a friend over to play.  I am really working on giving Bailey opportunities to be successful, socially.  I had an epiphany the other day as we were struggling through something or other.  Steve and I have been frustrated for months now over her “bossiness.”  Suddenly it occured to me (duh) that I should be looking for the good.  What’s good about being bossy?  Plenty!  Clearly, Bailey is comfortable taking on a leadership role, and has the confidence to motivate others.  What she needs to work on is her delivery.  Once we’d all calmed down I talked with her about leadership, and told her that I wanted to help her polish that aspect of her personality.  I told her I was sorry that I’d tried to make her feel bad for being bossy, and that from now on we’d look for ways to help her direct her energy into being a leader.  And I think she got it!

I put a time limit of two hours on the playdate today, and I had Bailey walk the couple blocks to go pick up her friend, thinking that the fresh air and exercise would help her mood.  It seems to have worked, as the girls are both still happy.  It also helps that this particular friend has a great sense of humour, and has a strong personality herself.  She is unlikely to allow Bailey to bowl her over, and is also unlikely to escalate things into a fight.

Hmm.  I guess the title of this blog isn’t so wrong after all.


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