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2 March 2009 March 3, 2009

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The weirdest thing happened yesterday after I posted.  I went back a couple hours later to check on the stats (because I’m self-centered that way) and instead of the usual 2-6 views there were more than 70!  I noticed that they were all from which freaked me out at first (Will I get a virus?  Am I going to get spammed?) so I looked into it.  I’m still not entirely clear on what it is, but it seems to be entirely harmless so… thanks alphainventions!  It was neat to feel like a really successful blogger, if only for a day.

Last night I installed an old program on my computer.  I was addicted to it when Bailey was a lot younger, and Steve happened to have a copy of it!  It’s Warcraft II.  I have no idea if it has anything to do with World of Warcraft.  I was up until 1:30 a.m. playing, and by the time I went to bed my feet were swollen like crazy from being under my desk for hours on end.

This morning I woke up to a weird sound, and I couldn’t figure out what it was until Bailey hopped into bed with us and announced that it was raining!  Almost all of the snow is melted now, and we had warm, sunny weather for the rest of the day.   Currently it’s nearly 5 p.m., and it’s still +10C (that’s 50F).

It was warm yesterday, too, which was a fantastic start to March after a week or so of unseasonably cold temperatures.  My Dad always said that he could have a coffee on the patio on March 1st ever since he moved to B.C. from the prairies, and I was sure this year would be the sad exception.  However, it was like a switch got flipped.  February 28 was horribly cold, March 1 was delightful.

Our collective energy seems to be rising with the temperature.  Today Bailey and I went outside and played in the water.  First we made little origami boats, and then we brought them and some plastic boats outside.


Three of the boats.

p3020007-smallerWorking to rescue the boats that were in the middle of the puddle.

We had lots of fun!  The origami boats didn’t fare so well, but the plastic boats were fun.  They are all different sizes and have removable sails.  It was neat to see what happened when a breeze caught the boats.  Bailey was excited that the one with the sail went noticeably faster (until it capsized, lol).

Wow, I just looked outside and it is suddenly pouring rain and windy!  I love spring!

Other things we did today:

  • I made a tangram for Bailey to play with
  • I also made a Möbius strip.  She thought it would make an awesome bracelet
  • She found a fun flash game that amused her for awhile: Hot Dog Bush
  • She entered a contest on to win a Really Big Birthday party
  • That got her interested in how contest winners are chosen so I showed her an online Random Number Generator and we talked about that for awhile.

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