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9 March 2009 March 10, 2009

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We’ve had a couple rough days.  I think it’s related to my increasing crankiness stemming from the physical pain I’m experiencing with this pregnancy, coupled with Bailey’s insomnia and compounded by Steve’s burnout from never getting two days off in a row with his current job.

Relief is in sight though.  Bailey will be going on a short vacation to Kelowna with her Grandma P. (my mom) early next week.  My best friend is coming to town next week too!  The week after that Bailey will be going on a vacation with her Grandma L. and Grandpa M. (Bio-dad’s parents).  They will be taking the Via train to Edmonton.  Steve has arranged to have 3 days off in a row during that time so we will be having a babymoon of sorts.  We can’t afford to go anywhere or do anything, but at least we will be together and not have to go anywhere or do anything!

Bailey did start her blog.  It is here if you are interested.  I’m thrilled that she was so excited about it!  The deal is that I get to read over whatever she writes before she hits “post” so that I can make sure she isn’t giving out any information that might be useful for a pervert.  Honestly, though, I try not to be too paranoid about the internet.  The computers are both in the living room, I am heavily involved in Bailey’s life, and I keep up a dialogue with her about listening to her gut.  I truly believe that our neighbourhoods and cyberspace are safer than the media would have us believe.

I got an irritating phone call from Grandma L. today.  Despite the information I sent to her about unschooling she still wanted to talk about how concerned she is about Bailey’s education.  I’m cool with that, but it’s like she never even read the information!  Steve figures that she probably started reading it with a closed mind and that coloured her impression of everything she read. 

She doesn’t have to agree with me.  I’m cool with that, too.  We’ve had our share of major differences of opinion and managed just fine.  She used to be a Jehovah’s Witness for goodness sakes!  Talk about two people who really shouldn’t get along at all, let alone be as friendly toward one another as we are.  However, I wish she would realize that I am the parent, I decide what is right for my child, and I know what I am doing.  When she was a JW I completely accepted her lifestyle, and never would have dreamed of telling her that I thought it was screwing up her kids.  She was the parent, she was making decisions based on what she thought was best, and it was ultimately her decision.

Steve thinks we should go for a private coffee with her and talk to her about our concerns.  He also thinks that we should express to her our concerns about how her pushiness is causing Bailey to not want to spend any time with her anymore.  She has taken it upon herself to teach Bailey swimming and skating.  As a result, Bailey hates skating now, and I really don’t see any need for her to do an activity that she hates.  However, these “lessons” happen maybe twice a year so it’s not a big enough issue for me to deal with.  Bailey enjoys swimming and I do think it is important for her to know how to swim well.  She doesn’t enjoy grandma’s lessons but is willing to put up with them if it means she gets to go to the pool more often.

Anyway, I think Steve is right… and if I had an ounce of courage or emotional maturity I would probably make arrangements for that coffee!

Bailey and I tried to play outside today, but it was bitterly cold and we soon came back in.  While she was taking off her shoes she asked me about the tongue of her shoe, so we looked up the parts of the shoe on Wikipedia.  There happened to be a picture of an ancient shoe in the article, and that got us talking about Ötzi, the ice man.  That seemed to inspire her, and she spent the next hour researching and writing about mummies!  Too cool.

Bailey played two days in a row this weekend with one of her friends from her old school.  Both playdates went fairly well, which was quite a relief.  Someone on the Radical Unschoolers Network pointed out that maybe I shouldn’t worry so much about Bailey socializing with children as opposed to adults.  What a thought!  The more I think about it the more it makes sense.  Other kids are not necessarily the best role models anyway, and who do I want her to be attached to anyway?  Me and Steve or some random kids?  My mind has been opened.

That is all for tonight.  Steve and I got a new-to-us bed, and I am eager to see if it eases my pain!


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