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11 March 2009 March 11, 2009

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I’m typing this now in case I can’t see later.  I have to get eyedrops at the specialist today, and this time they’re supposed to be stronger.  All this for him to confirm my eye doctor’s strong suspicion that my retina is just fine and that what I am experiencing is White Without Pressure. . . which would be a great name for a a band comprising of white supremacists who were really rather laissez-faire about their politics.  (Did I really just make a joke about racists?  Yes, I believe I did.)

Bailey and I went to a City Council meeting yesterday.  It was pretty neat, if boring, and I think she enjoyed seeing the mayor and councillors.  We are both baffled by why they read from the bible at the beginning of the meeting, and why they can’t speak directly to one another but must instead direct all questions and comments through the mayor.  (As in, a presenter will reply to a councillor’s question by saying “through to Councillor Spina, your Worship, blah blah blah…”)  We only stayed for about 1/2 an hour, and then we left.

I have been very tired lately, and slightly under the weather.  I’ve also noticed that I am starting to focus a lot more on the birth and on getting things ready.  Is it normal to feel like nesting this early?

I leave you with an adorable picture of Bailey and her hamster.  Enjoy!



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