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13 March 2009 March 14, 2009

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So, it’s official:  Bailey is about a million times braver than me.

Tonight she was supposed to go skating with Grandma L. and was then going to sleep over there and go to a Cowboy festival tomorrow.  As I’ve mentioned before, Bailey hates skating and hates being pushed by her grandma.  I figured there was not much point in bringing up the skating with her grandma since they would likely only go once or twice a year.  Well, Bailey had other thoughts.  She decided to call her grandma, and had a cue card ready detailing what she wanted to say.  Apparently she had also emailed her grandma, though, because when Bailey called her grandma already knew what the call was about.  So, Bailey is not skating tonight!  She wanted to get out of going to the Cowboy Festival tomorrow, too, but I encouraged her to try it because it is good to try new things.  She seemed to see the logic in that, so she is sleeping at Grandma L.’s tonight and going to the festival tomorrow.

How did my daughter get so brave?  It is clearly an inborn trait, as there is no way she got it from my piss-poor example.  I avoid conflict so much that it interferes with my life!  Thank goodness I have such an amazing person to learn from.

Lots of emotional stuff happening at home right now.  I think the three of us are really processing change right now.  Let’s see, in less than a year we’ve had…

  • a new marriage
  •  new living arrangements (Bailey didn’t always live full-time with us.  Up until June 2008 she lived one week with us and one with Bio-dad.)
  • a new baby on the way
  • we’re newly homeschooling
  • and having me home full-time is also new

Add to that a new season that is sloooowly coming, and we are all in a state of upheaval.

So that is all for today.  I am being gentle with myself and going to take a nap.


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