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17 March 2009 March 17, 2009

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Holy insomnia Batman.  I am so tired that it looks like the screen is tilted sideways, so if this post makes no sense I apologize in advance!

There is a new post up on my sister site  if you’re interested.  I think I’m being a bit too perfectionist about that site, with the result that I didn’t even make one post in February because I only want to post things there that are well thought out and heavily proofread.  As opposed to here where I just kind of wing it and write for the sake of writing.

Back to the insomnia.  For the past two nights I have not been able to sleep for more than about 4 hours.  Yesterday I didn’t feel to bad.  A little sleepy, but nothing I couldn’t handle.  Last night I fell asleep on the couch around 10.30 p.m., and then Steve woke me to bring me to bed at 1.00 a.m.  Of course that little trip from couch to bathroom to bedroom woke me up and I tossed and turned until 2.30, got up, messed around online, went back to bed around 4.30 and fell asleep at about 6.00.  Then Steve’s alarm went off every 9 minutes from 8.00 until just before 9.00 so I got up and I’ve been up since.

It doesn’t help that I’ve been having really bad Braxton-Hicks contractions since Sunday.  They’re as bad as they were back in January, and yesterday I actually had to breathe through some of them.  I see the midwife (well, her vacation replacement) tomorrow and I will ask her about them.  I am hoping I won’t go into preterm labour or anything.

Not much news about Bailey this time.  She had fun at her Grandma L.’s place, and enjoyed the Cowboy Festival.  She didn’t get back until suppertime on Saturday.  

We went to the homeschooler’s meeting on Sunday.  That night we played hangman together, which was really nice.  I’m finding it increasingly difficult to move, so anything we can do together while I sit on the couch is great.

On Monday my mom (Grandma P.) came to pick Bailey up around noon, and she won’t be home until after supper today!  So my body picked a good time to have insomnia.  At least I only have myself to worry about today.

Ugh, that’s it.  I think I might try to have a nap.


One Response to “17 March 2009”

  1. Sera Says:


    Listening to soothing sounds of nature relaxes me and I fall asleep faster! Maybe, you can try this next time when the Insomnia monster strikes 😉


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