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21 March 2009 March 21, 2009

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Good news!  My mood has definitely improved, and I swear it’s all due to the weather.  There comes a point in winter where I am just DONE, I think.  A point where everything sucks, nothing will ever get any better, and I can’t even tolerate other people’s joy.  I am quietly depressed at the end of January every year, but I think mid-February to mid-March is when the symptoms manifest outwardly, which is almost worse because it affects everyone around me, too.  Every year I learn more about my Seasonal Affective Disorder.  Hopefully one day I’ll be done learning and just move somewhere warm, for goodness sake.

Saw the midwife on Wednesday.  It was actually a temporary midwife as Joanna is on holiday for a couple of weeks.  Apparently she never got the results of my Gestational Diabetes test, so I might have to get it done again.  Ugh!

Wednesday night we went to the library, and Bailey took out her usual giant pile of books.  I’m so happy to see her love of reading returning.  Now that she doesn’t have to fill out the stupid form for school detailing how much she read she is reading voluntarily again.

On Thursday Bailey and I went for tea downtown at the Royal Victorian Tea House with my best friend of almost-30 years.  She doesn’t get to town very often, and for the past couple years she has been wanting to go to the tea house, but they’ve always been closed!  We really enjoyed ourselves.  Afterwards we did some shopping downtown and then went up to the mall.


At the Tea House.  Wow, I’m HUGE!

Thursday night Steve went to practice, and Bailey and I played some Scrabble.  At one point I noticed that I had the right letters to make the word “SHOULDER” on a Triple Word Score, using up all my letters to also get the 50 point bonus.  I scored 86 points for that one word!  In good fun, Bailey called me a jerk, and then it was her turn.  She was happy to realize that she had the letters to spell, “JERK!”  Hahaha!

Friday was another ICS day.  I’m really getting tired of these appointments.  The staff are nice and everything, and it’s great to get the $20 every two weeks for groceries, but I’m not getting anything out of it other than the $20.  There’s a big poster on the way in advertising the “Mothers in Recovery” program.  There are information brochures everywhere about proper nutrition, early intervention programs, “how to be a mom” programs… these are all great programs, I’m sure, and I am glad they exist.  But they are not relevant to me at all!

Anyway, after ICS we went shopping.  We didn’t even get much, but I was exhausted afterwards.  We did a lot of walking with my best friend on Thursday though, so I wonder if I just overdid it.

Today Bailey and I went with my Dad to “Seedy Saturday,” a free seed exchange and gardening event.  I thought it would be a little more fun but it was actually a bit dull.  Dad brought some lettuce seeds but didn’t take anything home.  Bailey did a little craft and then played at the playground while Dad and I walked over to the river to see if we could see the swans.  They weren’t there, but Dad thinks he saw a heron!

Afterwards, we went back to Dad’s and he warmed up some homemade sticky buns.  Oh.  My.  God.  Yum.  We visited for a bit and then went home.

Tonight Steve is doing a bunch of laundry because Bailey leaves for Edmonton tomorrow!  I’m going to miss her a lot, and she won’t be back until late Saturday night.  Steve took a couple vacation days this week, and I am looking forward to having him all to myself.  We’ll have Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday together!  I’m hoping we can do something.  We can’t afford to do much, but it would be nice to go for a drive or something.  We could always pack our picnic basket or just eat at Tim Horton’s.

And that’s it for now.  I’m not sure how much I’ll post while Bailey is away.  Maybe more because I’ll be lonely and bored without her or maybe less because I’m not going to do much without her around.


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