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2 April 2009 April 2, 2009

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We’ve had a great couple of days!

We made pizza the other night (no, not from scratch, who do you think I am?)  Bailey made a really cute one, so I took a picture:


“Je Suis Un Pizza”

Everyone got their hair cut on Tuesday, and it feels great!  I told the hairdresser that while I thought my hair was pretty enough it just wasn’t edgy enough to really be “me.”  So she put a few layers in, razored around my face and voila!  I’m me again!


It looks better in real life.  The laughing baby approves though!

Bailey and I did some shopping on Wednesday.  I bought her some modelling clay and some markers, so she was super happy.  She bought herself a Happy Bunny poster book with her allowance.  When we got home she put the change from her allowance on the coffee table and the nickel stood on its side and stayed that way for a few hours!  She snapped a picture.  Sorry it’s blurry.


Amazing!  (I just realized it looks like it’s leaning on that fossil, but it’s not.)

On Wednesday night Steve had someone over for some Rapier (historical fencing) practice.  There were supposed to be two people, but one of them bailed.  They were in the living room (yes, swordplay regularly happens in my living room… very close to our TV and computers, lol) so Bailey and I hung out in her room to stay out of the way.  She out on a little puppet show for me with her finger puppets.  It was Jack and the Beanstalk, and my favourite part had to do with the Magical Octopus.  (What?  You don’t remember any Magical Octopus in any version of the story that you’ve ever heard?  Well clearly you have been deprived.)  Then we played some charades, which was really funny.  I loved watching Bailey struggle not to talk!

Today I finally beat the end boss on Paper Mario.  She’s one tough bitch!  Bailey and Steve watched and cheered me on.

After lunch we went to the midwife appointment.  We discussed my fears about labour and delivery, and she really helped me find some relief.  Also, I’ve only gained 1lb. in the past two weeks!  Huzzah!  In other women that might be a worry, but since I’ve already gained 40lbs. this pregnancy I felt like doing a little dance.

We went to Tim Horton’s for an early lupper (lunch-supper) afterwards, and then to the cemetary.  Steve’s friend died ten years ago on 1 April, and Steve makes a point of going to visit his grave every year on or about that date.  Bailey did a grave rubbing, and then we decided to visit her great-grandpa’s grave on her Bio-Dad’s side.  It has almost been ten years since he died, too.

We got some happy news while we were at the graveyard.  I don’t know if it’s bad form to answer one’s cell while at a cemetary, but I did… and it was my sister calling to tell me that our mutual friend gave birth to her baby boy today!  It’s her first baby, and she was actually 4 days early.

We went to The Bay and looked at video cameras.  I think we are going to go for the JVC Everio 60gb.  (Now comes the part where I justify the impending purchase to myself and the whole interwebs.  Just so you’re prepared.)  We’ve been talking about it for months, and debating the whole “want vs. need” issue.  We really don’t need a video camera.  It will put a squeeze on our already tight budget to add this payment to our bills.  However, we are about to have a new baby, we only live once, and images tend to be the one thing I am sentimental about.  I have kept a few blankets and drawings from Bailey’s early childhood, but it’s the pictures I care about the most.  My ex-husband has no idea where the video of Bailey from newborn to 5 months is (sob) but I treasure the video of her from 5 months to 7 months that I do have.  Yeah, even though I’m making us sleep on this purchase overnight, I’m quite certain that we’ll be heading up the hill to buy this camera tomorrow evening.

Just one last thing… I’ve added a link to my friend Sarah’s blog —>.  Check it out!  She’s a great writer.


One Response to “2 April 2009”

  1. Sarah K. Says:

    I bet that hair cut looks awesome. Now we just need to throw some purple or blue streaks in. That’d be sweet!

    Video cameras are excellent items to have around the house, especially when you consider the ability to put what you capture directly to your computer, free editing software, and how little space dvds and cds take up compared to VHS. We’ve been considering one, and we just have a puppy that we want to tape. I can understand wanting it around for babyage.

    Thanks for the plug! 😀

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