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10 April 2009 April 10, 2009

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It has been a  busy few days! 

I did get an email back from Bio-Dad.  I don’t think he really “gets it.”  I wish I could afford a lawyer.  He says he’ll avoid having Bailey in his car “within reason” and that when she visits him they’ll take public transit. 

Bailey went to my Mom’s overnight Tuesday to Wednesday.  Mom was helping me out because I had a really bad night of insomnia Monday night after hearing from Bio-Dad.  3 hours of sleep!

Wednesday was Steve’s birthday.  Bailey came home in the late afternoon, and she had baked and decorated a cake for him at my Mom’s house. 


Yummy cake!  And a crazy amount of sprinkles, too.  🙂

When Steve got off work we all went to the movies.  We had some coupons from cereal boxes and decided to see Monsters vs. Aliens.  Unfortunately I didn’t read the fine print carefully enough and it turned out that the coupons were ineligible for 3D movies!  When the clerk pointed that out to us there was a big line-up behind us and I was feeling pressured to make a quick decision.  Instead of leaving and doing something else we decided to cut down on the amount of snacks we bought and just pay to see the damn movie.  $60.00 (!) later we were in the theatre.  Essentially we spent twice what I had budgeted for Steve’s birthday.  It’s a good thing his GST cheque was a lot more than I had anticipated.  It’s funny though… if we had gone out to dinner and spent $60.00 I wouldn’t have felt as ripped off.  Anyway, we all enjoyed the movie, and were feeling considerably happier once it was over.

Bailey has been riding her bike a lot lately.  The weather has been beautiful these past few days!  She even went on a quick bike ride with some neighbourhood kids the other day.  That was a big milestone.  I’ll admit I was quite nervous, but I (hopefully) didn’t show it.  For goodness sakes… this is the very same neighbourhood I grew up in, and I really do believe that the world is just as safe as it was when I was a kid!  I wonder if my parents worried as much as I do.

On Thursday we went to Steve’s mom’s house.  Then Bailey went with her Grandma L. to Merritt.  They visited her Auntie T., who is due in 9 days!  they also went to a fish hatchery and saw some baby horses. 

Steve and I went to a thrift store to see about buying me some maternity clothes for this warmer weather.  I found a pair of cream-coloured capris.  Then we went for lunch (eating out is our worst habit!)  at Tony Roma’s.  We were pleasantly surprised by the reasonable prices and the amazing quality of the food.  Including a generous tip for the excellent service we received, we only spent about $3 or $4 more than we would have spent at McDonald’s.

After lunch we got some photocopying done, checked out baby books at Chapter’s (I have my eye on a Peter Rabbit one), and then bought some Easter treats for Bailey.  We relaxed at home until Steve left for rapier practice, and then I was alone until Bailey finally got home at 9:30 p.m.

I had a really rough night last night due to severe pubic bone pain.  I think it’s time for another chiropractor appointment. 

We are off to Baby Easton’s baby shower now.  I think I will put together a small pampering package for the new mommy.


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