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16 April 2009 April 16, 2009

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Gee… post much?  Oh well.

It has been rather busy around here.  The warmer weather is certainly making us all feel happier and more energetic.

We went to my friend’s baby shower last Friday.  The decorations were amazing!


Just some of the decorations

It was so well organized, and there were lots of games.  The new family got nicely spoiled, too.

My feet have been so swollen lately!  My sister pointed out to me that I was getting “pitting edema,” but since my blood pressure is normal there’s really not much I can do about it.  Basically I am stuck with Memory Foam Feet, lol.  It’s so gross!  It’s a bit better now, but at the shower my sister pushed her thumb into the swollen part of my foot and when she removed her thumb the indent stayed behind!  Yuck!

My best friend was in town for Easter and on Saturday we got to visit.  The fair was in town so we went with Bailey in the afternoon.


Bumper Cars


Obstacle Course


Ferris Wheel (she looks a little scared!)


Slide.  I wish I had a better photo editing program–I would have zoomed in on her sweet smile.

That evening my friend took me to dinner.  What a great time that was!  Neither of us remember the last time it was just the two of us.  Usually we have another friend, boyfriend/husband, or one of our kids with us.

We had church on Sunday and it was my last time teaching Sunday School.  We dyed Easter Eggs, and am I ever glad there were other helpers.  I was completely useless!  I was late getting there, I could barely move, and I really had no interest in being there.  I am so ready to meet this baby.


Bailey made some beautiful eggs!

On Monday we went with a local unschooling mom and her son to Ashcroft to hang out with another unschooling family.  (Actually, two other families.  They’re sisters, and have–I think–8 kids between them.)  It was absolutely fantastic!  I never thought I’d meet another unschooling family in or around Kamloops, and now I’ve met three!  The kids in Ashcroft are lucky enough to have never gone to school, and they are the most peaceful, gentle, loving group of kids I have ever met!  Bailey and the son of the person we caught a ride with had an absolute blast hanging out with them all day.  It was nearly 7 p.m. by the time we left, and we couldn’t believe how quickly the time had passed!

On Tuesday Bailey and I stayed home and had a lazy day.  I actually fell asleep on the couch in the afternoon for a whole 3.5 hours!  Poor Bailey.  I kept trying to wake up, but found that I simply couldn’t.  It was a boring day for her, and it showed in her behaviour that night.  It was particularly frustrating for Steve, and he and I ended up having a big philosophical discussion that night in bed. 

Steve is very insistent that Bailey have a strict bedtime, and also has trouble with the whole “obedience” thing.  When he asks her to do something (like clean the hamster’s cage or get ready for bed) he expects her to jump to it right away.  I pointed out to him that we don’t have those expectations for ourselves.  In fact we have a family chore chart that regularly gets ignored, lol.  (It’s okay, though.  I made the chart with the idea that it would only be a reminder of what needs to be done and who volunteered to do it.  If it doesn’t get done one week we simply keep it as our chore for the next week.) 

He seemed to understand, and we explored why he felt so strongly about the bedtime thing.  We think if we had a bigger home where we all had more space we wouldn’t care so much about Bailey staying up later.  Really, we send her to bed at 8:30, but there is absolutely no expectation that she go to sleep at that time.  We just need to have alone time and couple time.

As for the instant obedience thing, well, he’s working on it.  His dad was quite abusive growing up, and he also had the disadvantage of growing up in a fundamentalist christian home.  So yeah, lots of baggage.

Yesterday and today have been very difficult for me physically.  I almost feel like the baby wants to drop.  My pelvis hurts a lot, and so does my lower back.  And the Braxton-Hicks contractions are back with a vengeance.  😦  Poor me.  Oh well, not much longer.

Today Bailey and I went to the Attachment Parenting group in the morning.  Then we all went to the dump.  Steve managed to stuff an entire twin size mattress (extra long!) into the trunk of our Saturn!  Too funny.  Then we went to Zellers and bought some things for our home.  We got a cupboard for over the toilet and a set of plastic drawers for the baby’s things.  Oh, and we bought a package of disposable Pampers, size 1.  Squeee!  They are so small!  We are actually planning on trying Elimination Communication, but we’d like to have some back up diapers anyway.

This evening we went to the Kamloops Law Courts for Law Day.  They had tours of the Sheriff’s area (including the holding cells and the transport vehicles), and had a mock trial to watch.  The Empire had Luke Skywalker on trial for murder (for blowing up the Death Star).  Unfortunately for the Rebels, Luke got convicted and sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole for 25 years.

…and now I have one more thing crossed off my list.  Make blog post?  Check!


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  1. dora Says:

    hi bevin, we are also doing ec with journey and using diapers with it. i love it and would be thrilled to chat about the ups and downs of it with you. hope to see you soon at fay’s pool one of these days. i have really enjoyed reading your blog today as fay mentioned it to me. ocean is such a doll and it will be neat to see him in real life. baily’s new ear piercings are gorgeous. take care, dora

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