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18 April 2009 April 18, 2009

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Another nice couple of days.  Physically I’m not doing so well, but all other areas of my life are full of joy.  🙂

Yesterday Bailey and I went with Pat (a fellow unschooling mom) and her son Jack to see their horse, Nan.  I love Kamloops.  We were still within city limits, but were out in the country within minutes. 


This is Nan.

The weather was a bit chillier than previous days, but it was still nice enough to enjoy being outside.  Bailey and Jack played various imaginative games together, and Pat and I were able to relax.


Bailey and Jack.  Bailey is holding her doll, Taylor.

If I wasn’t such a city slicker I’d love to live out in the country.  Alas, I am rather addicted to Starbucks, sidewalks, and convenience.  😛

It was great to see Bailey and Jack interacting.  They have very different personalities, but they seem to get along well anyway.  Bailey is always searching for a kindred spirit, and I wonder if finding another child who is being raised in freedom is comforting for her.

After we got home we had a quick lunch and then had a lot of errands.  We went to my ICS appointment and then grocery shopping.  Bailey brought her doll with her in a sling that a friend lent me that I think is too small for me.  She also used a toy carseat, but it kept flipping over.  Good thing it’s not a real baby!

I was almost to the point of throwing in the towel and asking Steve to get the groceries when he got home.  I am so tired and sore these days! 

Bailey and I went to Michael’s and picked up some fabric paint so she can make a “Big Sister” T-shirt.  There were some cheap ($1.50) wooden models out front, so I bought her a little boat.

After Michael’s we went to Home Depot and got some screen.  We have a dual window fan in our bedroom that works wonderfully, but sucks little bugs into our room.  Yuck!  This summer we’re going to hot glue some screen to the outside and see if that helps. 

After that we went to Stupidstore (Superstore, lol), and then we still had to go to Costco but I was already exhausted.  Instead of giving up we went for a quick coffee break to Starbucks.  After coffee we managed Costco and I squeezed in a quick trip to Cooper’s for some fresh veggies.

When Steve got home that night he finished hanging our new bathroom shelf.  Oh man, we are never going to get our damage deposit back for this place!  We haven’t actually caused any damage per se, but we decided long ago that to make this place livable we were going to have to drill some holes in the wall and hang shelves.  We do a nice  job of it, too, but I know it will be frowned on when we move out.

Bailey went out bike riding with her friends around 7:45 p.m.  I told her to be back by 8:15 (that’s about when it gets dark).  Her friends didn’t seem to have that restriction, though.  I felt a little bad keeping her home when the rest of her friends got to keep on playing, but I think it is reasonable to have her home when it is dark, especially since she only learned to ride her bike last summer.  I’m trying to look at all my parenting decisions through the lens of radical unschooling these days, though.  Am I controlling unnecessarily?  Is there such thing as reasonable parental control?  Interesting thoughts.  I’m not agonizing over this one though.  It didn’t appear to cause Bailey any grief (she just shrugged and came inside)!

Today Steve took the car to work, so we stayed home.  Bailey did a lot of art projects.  She worked on a paint-by-numbers and built her model boat.


Paint-by-numbers.  She’s pleased that it is just challenging enough to be fun, but not so challenging that it is frustrating.


Her boat, Red Thunder.

Tonight we were supposed to go up to my sister’s house to see my Dad’s pictures from his recent trip to Europe.  (We can’t go to Dad’s house because he has a dog and a cat and Steve’s allergies are quite severe.)  Unfortunately my sister seems to be coming down with the flu so she had to cancel.  Instead, Dad and his girlfriend’s daughter (with whom he went on the trip) came over here.  Dad ordered pizza for us all and we had a great time viewing his pictures and hearing their stories.  Dad also brought us some Ali Oli (or Aioli) which is a garlic mayonaise that he made.  It is to die for, and is incredibly garlicky.  I’m going to smell like garlic for days!

Tomorrow will (hopefully) be restful.  We have a busy week coming up.  Steve is working a riculous amount of overtime this week, and will only have one day off.  They are switching his schedule at work, so after this week he will work 10-hour days, 4 days in a row, but then have 3 days off in a row.  Yay!


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