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25 April 2009 April 25, 2009

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Poor Bailey has been sick.  😦  She suddenly started vomiting yesterday morning, and couldn’t keep anything down–even water.  I think it is food poisoning.  The pharmacist mentioned that a strong sulphur smell is common with food poisoning, and that is definitely present.  Right now it has been 13 hours since she last got sick, so I’m crossing my fingers.

Other than that, the past couple of days has been pretty good. 

Tuesday was my mom’s birthday so we went to Kelly O’Bryan’s for lunch.  That night we went to the Shire Social, and I got henna decorations on my belly.


Almost done.  She put a secret message from Bailey to the baby in there, too.  (Like my garb?  😛 )


Bailey/Rosa did some henna on herself.  Jenna/Wrenn (who did my belly) helped a bit, too.


The finished product.


Bailey/Rosa did some henna squiggles on Steve/Silvestro’s hand, and Jenna/Wrenn added the scorpions.

Unfortunately, even though I kept the henna on for five hours it still didn’t show up very well.  Steve’s went very dark, and Bailey’s is in-between.

On Wednesday Bailey and I went to a fellow UU member’s home.  She will be taking over the Sunday School for the rest of the year, and wanted some pointers.  She lives in an apartment building downtown, and I realized just how deep my city slicker roots are.  Oh man, I could have sat at her window and looked outside all day.  I love the energy of cities, and the juxtaposition of nature and concrete.  Big box stores with their pathetic trees in a vast parking lot don’t do it for me, but a residential/commercial downtown street lined with apartment buildings, lush trees, flowers, and the occasional lawn?  Beautiful.

On Thursday Joanna (the midwife) came over to check out the apartment, and see where she could set up her emergency equipment.  She didn’t run away screaming when she saw how tiny our space is, so I guess that’s a good sign.  We spent the day cleaning and organizing.  Steve did an enormous amount of work.  He cleaned the inside, outside, and back of the fridge.  He cleaned our balcony.  He even mopped the kitchen floor and cleaned the bathtub! 

Thursday evening we went over to my mom’s.  She fed us, and were able to do the homebirth laundry and the baby’s laundry.  Steve took my foster brother to rapier practice.  Actually, mom did the laundry and “made me” sit on the couch with my feet up, lol!  It was nice to be babied.

Just before dinner I started having some regular contractions.  I was pretty sure it wasn’t the real thing, but I mentioned them to Steve.  They continued for almost an hour and a half.  Steve considered skipping practice, but I told him not to worry.  The happy thing is that I wasn’t scared… I was excited!

Poor Bailey is still complaining of feeling nauseated.  She has kept some water and a few tablespoons of Jello down for about 1.5 hours now, though.  I hope this passes soon.


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