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28 April 2009 April 28, 2009

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Alternate title: THIS SUCKS.

Bailey is still sick.  She hasn’t eaten anything substantial since Thursday night.  She went almost 48 hours without vomiting until last night we gave her a couple spoonfuls of beef-flavoured ichiban which promptly came back up.

Steve is sick, too.  His isn’t gastro-intestinal though.  His tonsils and uvula are swollen so badly that the Urgent Care Clinic doctor sent him to the E.R. today.  They tested him for Swine Flu but it is “just” strep throat.  They gave him I.V. antibiotics and he is on the mend.

We ended up taking Bailey to the E.R. on Saturday night because I was worried about dehydration.  Luckily she was okay though.  The doctor said he could give her some oral gravol or give it to her in an I.V.  She thought about it for a second and asked, “is there another option?” Go Bailey!  I was pretty proud of how she advocated for herself.  She ended up getting a shot of gravol instead.

I have thus far avoided both illnesses.  Actually, I think I might have a tiny touch of the gastrointestinal thing.  Every once in awhile I feel woozy and sweaty, and I’ve been napping a lot more than usual.  I wonder if it’s the pregnancy keeping me healthy?  Mostly I am über-stressed.  I barely have enough energy for myself, let alone caring for my sick family and keeping up with the housework.  😦

In happier news, my church got us a kick-ass playpen and a grocery gift card!  That was awesome.  Plus, our birth tub and homebirth supply kit from Mama Goddess came in, so now we are totally prepared.

Okay.  I’m continuing the deep breathing, and trying to take it easy on myself.  Wish us luck.


One Response to “28 April 2009”

  1. Sarah K. Says:

    I really hope that everyone starts with the feeling better ASAP. It sucks being sick.

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