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2 May 2009 May 2, 2009

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We’re all feeling better now.  Yay!  Bailey had two full meals yesterday for the first time in a week, and we even walked around downtown for a little while.  Steve’s strep throat is responding astonishingly well to the antibiotics.  I’m not getting those mild waves of nausea anymore.  All is well.

Bailey actually spent the night at her Grandma L.’s house on Wednesday night and got to meet her new baby cousin Thursday afternoon.  I gotta say, Grandma L. is pretty brave to have a recently-barfy kid in her home overnight!  And her Auntie T. is pretty brave to allow Bailey to meet her days-old cousin so soon after having the “plague.”


Check him out!  At the time of this photo he was still nameless, but we’ve since learned that they’ve named him Oscar.  Oscar!  How cute is that?!

Bailey was happy to spend some time with her Dad’s side of the family.  And Steve and I were grateful for the break.  We decided to have a date night and saw “I Love You, Man” with the free admission coupons that we didn’t get to use earlier this month for “Monsters Vs. Aliens 3D.”  I can’t believe we went to the movies twice in one month!  I only wish we could do it this month.  Steve really wants to see the X-Men movie, and we both desperately want to see Star Trek.

After the movie, we decided to do a test run of our birth tub.  It’s a good thing we did!  We learned that our hot water tank is woefully inadequate, and we’ve learned that it takes about 1.5 hours to fill the tub the rest of the way using boiling water from the stove.  We also learned that it is a bad idea to plug in two kettles at once in our kitchen… unless we want to blow a fuse.  Anyway, I got to sit in the tub, and it was fantastic.  I normally prefer showers to baths, but I wanted a water birth because I’ve heard about the pain relief and peace that come with labouring and delivering in the water.  However, I don’t think I fully understood how wonderful water could be until I tried out the tub.  Now I’m a total convert.

I’ll leave you with some pictures of the birds that have been visiting the feeder on our balcony.


White-crowned Sparrow.  These guys are recent visitors to our feeder.  By the way, the green bag is my little experiment.  Value Village is using these bags that are supposed to break down into little pieces in the sunlight.  It has been on the balcony for a few months now!


House Finch.  For the longest time it was just this guy and his mate visiting our feeder.

Bailey and I are going downtown this morning.  It’s Free Comic Book Day, and Peace Walk Day at Farmer’s Market. (I think we’ll sit out of the walk portion though!).  Bailey wants to go to Riverside Park to do some drawing, and we need to stop by the library.


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