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23 May 2009 May 23, 2009

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So… still no baby!  I am now 10 days past my Estimated Due Date, and I really thought I’d have a baby by now!  Bailey was born the day before her due date (7 minutes before, to be precise), so I was expecting this baby to be even earlier.  I guess it just goes to show that every pregnancy is different.

My midwife gave me a secret recipe to try today, so I am having some apricot juice with some verbena drops, and some toast with almond butter… but I am skipping the castor oil.  I just can’t bring myself to try it.  Everything I’ve read online says that either it doesn’t work and the woman ended up with cramps and diarrhea, or it did work and the woman ended up with cramps and diarrhea on top of being in labour.

Bailey is now 10 years old!  She got nicely spoiled this year.  Her bio-dad got her a new bike, and her Grandma L and Grandpa M got her Animal Crossing City Folk which she had been saving up for.  My dad got her a book and put a $10 bill on page 10 :), and my mom took Bailey out to buy some clothes.  Steve and I took Bailey to supper on her actual birthday (19 May), and we had a little party at McDonald’s with a couple of her friends on May 20.  And then yesterday she got her ears pierced! 

We went to Instinct Adornment  (looks like their site is being upgraded, but there is some basic info there) for the piercing because they are the best and because we know the owners through the SCA.  Bailey actually adores Jenna.  Here are some pictures:

P5220001 smaller


P5220002 smaller

Oh, help.  She is so beautiful.

Bailey says it hurt more than she was anticipating 😦 and she did shed a couple of tears, but I think she is glad she got it done.

Anyway, this was just another quick update to let you all know that I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth.  Hopefully the next time I post it will be with news of a baby!


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