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12 July 2009 July 12, 2009

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Well… apparently I underestimated/forgot just how much a newborn baby would take out of me!

My apologies for not posting more frequently.  We are finally settling into a rhythm with Ocean though, so I hope to post more frequently.

Luckily for me, Bailey has discovered that she loves cooking!  I haven’t made a meal in a few days now.  She has tackled pancakes (from scratch), chili, rice krispie treats, french toast, smoothies, and spaghetti.  The happiest part for me is that I didn’t even realize that this was her first real “obsession” since we started unschooling.  Unschooling has become such a normal part of our lives that I wasn’t even looking for learning… it just happened!  (Hmm… maybe that’s why it happened.)

Steve and I have realized that unschooling never truly ends.  Lately he has been obsessed with improving his chain maille skills.  I, for some reason, have been interested in learning about the monarchy even though I am by no means a monarchist.  Since I was watching so many DVDs and reading so much about royalty Bailey couldn’t help but be influenced too.  She decided to send a card to the Queen.  Apparently every letter gets a reply, although the reply comes from her ladies-in-waiting.

We’ve been taking small road trips as a family.  First we went to Clearwater for an SCA event.  Then Bailey and I went to Ashcroft to visit an unschooling family (hi guys!).  A few days ago we took a lovely drive along Westsyde Rd. to the McLure ferry, then returned back home on the highway (hopefully that link shows the route to the ferry).  This week we hope to go either to Merritt or to Lytton.  I’m hoping for Lytton as I want to show Bailey and Steve my family’s property as well as the Stein.  We didn’t go last week because the Lytton ferry was closed due to high water.

Ocean continues to grow and gets cuter every day.  He is smiling regularly now!  Breastfeeding is still a bit of a challenge, but compared to a few weeks ago it is a breeze.  We might never be 100% off the bottle (I still give him a 4oz bottle of formula twice a day when my nipples just can’t take it anymore) but I don’t care.  Just being able to breastfeed at all is a huge joy.

Here are some newer pictures:

P6070125 smaller

Around two weeks old, next to a pamphlet with drawings of “actual size” fetuses.

P6270192 smaller

Lord Silvestro della Volpe holding Ocean at AT War.

P6270193 smaller

Silvestro and Rosa

P7090210 smaller

Bailey and I on the McLure Ferry

P7110221 smaller

Ocean, thinking about smiling, on July 11, 2009.


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