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27 July 2009 July 27, 2009

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We are in the middle of an unrelenting heat wave.  It is currently 9:00 p.m. and it is still 34C (93.2F), after getting up to a high of 38C (100.4F) today.  I’d be handling it a lot better if it would cool off more at night, I think. 

Bailey, Ocean, and I went to Prince Charles Park today for a very quick visit.  Essentially I just wanted to get wet in the wading pool and then drive straight home.  It was heavenly!  The cooling effects lasted about 2 hours and would probably have lasted longer if Ocean hadn’t had one of his (extremely rare) freakouts.  By the end we were both sweaty and exhausted.  😦

We got some great news this week.  Steve’s work managed to give him his vacation days for this upcoming weekend after all (long story) so we are going to Clinton War!  We are so excited.  We’ve decided to stay in a hotel instead of camping though because we can’t fathom how we’d fit all of the gear into our tiny car now that we have a baby.  Luckily we found a fairly inexpensive motel right in town.

I am currently trying to figure out how to make a garb for Ocean out of a pillowcase.  I would have to do it all by hand, and I have no idea what I’m doing but I figure the worst that will happen is we’ll be out a pillowcase that we never use anyway.  Also, I found a simple bonnet at WalMart (of all places) today and dyed it tonight with tea.  Bailey and Steve both have wonderful garb so that just leaves me.  😦  My only dress is not breastfeeding -friendly and what I bought for AT War doesn’t make me feel pretty.

Anyway, I just wanted to share some pictures of the last couple weeks.

We took a road trip to Lytton, and I showed Bailey, Steve, and Ocean the Stein.  We went to Asking Rock and then to the place where I did my fast a few years ago.  Here’s a picture of Asking Rock.  There are ancient pictographs on the rocks, but I’m not sure how well you can see them in this photo.

P7150014 smaller

Asking Rock

P7150010 smaller

Lytton is where the Thompson River (blue) meets the Fraser River

Also in the last couple weeks we visited at my Dad’s house with some cousins from England.  Christine (the mom) is my Dad’s first cousin.

P7190047 smaller

P7190046 smaller

Here she is holding Ocean.

P7240054 smaller

 Bailey shows Ocean her favourite stuffed animal, Black Paws.

P7240055 smallerThe Cooper’s ladies love us!  We didn’t win, but the guy who did win this failed to come pick it up in a timely manner so they saved it for us.

P7250061 smaller

Just what the sign says :).  Ocean turned 2 months old on July 24.

P7250063 smaller

Later that same day, he helped Bailey play Paper Mario.


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