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New Idea! October 7, 2009

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So… it has been awhile! But I have a good idea. I registered Bailey for the Self Design proram through Wondertree in Vancouver. It is technically a school, but is supportive of unschooling. In addition to having access to some great resources and a community of fellow homescholers, you also get some money for educational supplies.

One of the things I have to do is write a weekly report detailing what Bailey did that week (just the most important stuff)… I’ve done a few now and I realized that they are a helluva lot like blog entries! So my great idea is to repost them here.

Since I already have 4 done, I’ll post them one per day for the next four days and then I’ll post the weekly one on Sunday. After that I’ll only guarantee to post an entry once a week (on Sunday) but that’s better than the NOTHING I’ve been posting for awhile now, eh? Oh, and I might edit them slightly to be more releveant to a blog.

In other news, Ocean is huge, adorable, and fitting into our family so nicely. If he stays asleep long enough I’ll post some pictures, too. Anyway, here is the first of the four reports:

*          *          *

Well, here it is: our family’s first O4L! I’m sure I’ll get better at doing these as time goes on.

This week Bailey’s best friend had to go back to school, and I know that was tough on both of them. Over the summer they tried to see each other every day. They had one last summer sleepover from Sunday to Monday, and have decided to plan a ball. I am not privy to all the details, but from what I can gather it involves fancy dresses, music, games, and food. I hope Bailey’s friend’s mom knows that they intend to hold this ball at her condo!

Wednesday was the first full day of school for public school students, so we thought we would have a Not-Back-To-School Party instead! Earlier this year we met another unschooling family here in Kamloops, so we went to their house for a potluck lunch and some cake. Bailey and Jack had a great time playing with Lego and riding their scooters. We also made a trip to the public pool.

We took a lot of walks this week. Bailey has become my partner in getting myself back into shape. We walked (and scootered) in two different parks and one different neighbourhood for variety. One park has a butterfly garden and a xeriscape garden, and the other has a meditation labyrinth. The neighbourhood we visited is full of older homes and young families, and it was neat to watch people’s interactions. Bailey mentioned that she would like to live in that part of town.

Bailey cooked dinner for her lucky family twice this week! She has a few cookbooks and enjoys going through them to find recipes that she can make with the ingredients we have on hand. She is also getting more confident about making substitutions.

This weekend was the annual Hamster Race at a local pet store, and Bailey was very excited to enter her hamster, Brownie, in the race. There was some local TV coverage as well, and Bailey noticed the differences between our little camcorder and their large, professional TV camera. She was thrilled to be interviewed, too. (Brownie placed 1st in the first heat, and 3rd in the semi-finals, by the way.)

After the hamster races I took her up to Lac LeJeune to meet up with her paternal grandparents and her biological Dad. It sounds like they had a great time. The campfire ban is over, so Bailey got to enjoy some s’mores. They also went goldpanning and went on a hike.

Just after I tucked Bailey in tonight and was leaving her room she asked me if I knew how to make a good fake bruise. I replied that I did not, and she informed me that wetting blue and gray eyeshadow could make a convincing bruise on, say, someone’s leg. That triggered a memory of a “bruise” I noticed on her leg earlier that week that was now mysteriously healed!

As for me, I hope to be more organized about recording what goes on here this week. We are in chaos right now! My 3.5 month old, Ocean, wants nothing but Mama these days, and my husband is starting a new job. That, coupled with the stress of learning the First Class software made for a difficult first week with Wondertree! I am normally able to figure out computer programs quickly and easily, but found this program to be overwhelming and not at all intuitive!

Enough complaining. Onward!


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