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4th Week’s Report October 10, 2009

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Another busy week!  On Monday we went to a park so that I could be interviewed for a local TV segment about breastfeeding (to advertise an upcoming breastfeeding celebration).  Bailey got to be on TV, too, and of course she was thrilled.  She found the equipment interesting; especially the microphone’s battery pack that I clipped to my belt.

After the TV stuff was done we went to our friend’s house for lunch.  They love cooking and were happy to hear that Bailey enjoys it, too.  In the near future they will teach Bailey how to make bread from scratch.

We spent a lot of time reading this week.  I think it has to do with the cooler weather.  I bought Bailey a magazine on Tuesday and we went to the library.  While there I helped Bailey find some books about acting (more on that later in this O4L) and she discovered the Young Adult section.  I don’t know why I didn’t think to show her this section sooner… she was happy to find books written at her level. 

We also went to the library the next day… twice, actually!  The first time was a different branch of the library and she asked the librarian for some fiction recommendations.  She was looking for a series that she could get addicted to that wasn’t fantasy or sci-fi.  As I’m writing this I’ve realized that the book is in Bailey’s bedroom and I can’t remember the title.  Bailey is enjoying it, though!

The second time we went to the library that day was in the evening to hear an author speak.  I was worried Bailey would be bored but she really enjoyed it!  Pamela Proctor came to speak about her book “Honouring the Child: Changing Ways of Teaching.”  Ms. Proctor told the audience about how she evolved from a traditional 1950s teacher into someone who developed a whole new program with emphasis on allowing children to learn through play and physical activity.

We went for another family drive in the country on Thursday, and talked a lot about our desires for the future.  Steve and I have a vision of an intentional community of unschoolers on land near town (because we’re city slickers).  We are currently living in a tiny two bedroom apartment that we outgrew the instant Ocean was born.  Bailey likes to brainstorm with us, and we started a discussion about how it would be.

Thursday night we watched a video (yes, a video… on a VCR no less!) made in 1991 when I was nearly 17.  I attended the Okanagan Summer School of the Arts and took a fun course in acting for the camera.  The class essentially made our own soap opera.  I showed it to Bailey partly for fun, and partly to show her what a “cheat” is. (When you look into the camera or off to the other actor’s side instead of directly at the other actor.  I think it’s so the camera can get a better view of your face?)  Bailey thought it was hilarious to see me in my younger years.

Bailey has been after me to get her into acting, so I have been doing some research.  It seems like it would involve a lot of travel to Vancouver, but besides that it doesn’t seem too bad. 

Friday morning Bailey woke up with a cold, so we just stayed home in our PJs.  We watched a remake of “The Little Princess,” and did some more reading.  Bailey also worked on one of her stories, and played lots of online games.  We recently bought a book called 101 Things To Do Before You Grow Up and it has a segment that supposedly allows you to win at chess in 5 moves.  Bailey tried it against the computer but it didn’t work.  She’s going to try it against me next!

Bailey was feeling a bit better on Saturday so we went to the Breastfeeding Celebration.  Bailey won a door prize (5 kids movies) and I won a gift card to Chapters, so we went there right afterward and browsed for hours!  We ended up getting a book for me and a CD for the family: They Might Be Giants’ “Here Comes Science.”  Bailey loves it and it has been playing non-stop since we got it!  What a fun way to learn.

She used the Wii Fit that night and today, and this time she especially enjoyed walking the tightrope.


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