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No Report, But… October 11, 2009

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Apparently I don’t have to file a report the week that I make the Learning Plan.  Wish I’d remembered that last week when I actually wrote the thing!  Anyway, this week I just edited it some more and added a ton of resources.

Just got back from Vernon.  Steve had to take some training there Friday and Saturday and then we went for Thanksgiving dinner today (Sunday).  Unfortunately we had to come back home Saturday night so I could teach Sunday School this morning or we would have just stayed there both nights.  Oh well, this way we got to bring my baby sister Jennifer with us today.

Bailey, Ocean, my Mom and I had a great time while Steve was at work.  On Friday Bailey, Ocean, and I went to the Allan Brooks Nature Centre.  What a great place!  And such an amazing view.  Then Mom met up with us and we went downtown Vernon.  I wamted to visit the teacher store.  That was a really fun store to explore.  There was lots of traditional school stuff, but also lots of fun stuff like magnets, test tubes and beakers, puzzles, games, musical instruments, manipulatives, etc.

On Saturday Bailey and I went to the Okanagan Science Centre.  What a blast!  I highly recommend it.

Anyway, I have a baby sleeping on me and I’ve typed this whole thing one-handed.  I know I keep promising pictures, but sorry… not today.


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