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Week Number 6! October 19, 2009

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Bailey enjoyed a variety of different activities this week. 

This weekend was the “Freeze Off” SCA event  and it was in our home shire so we were able to attend.  A friend of ours came from out of town with his daughter and stayed at our home.  Bailey was thrilled to find that his daughter was a lot like her, and the girls spent an enjoyable weekend together.  The made supper on Friday night (spaghetti), and filmed their efforts as though they were filming a live cooking show.

They also did some experiments.  Bailey already knew that mixing baking soda and vinegar creates a fun chemical reaction but wanted to try mixing baking powder and vinegar.  Apparently it still fizzes, but not as much.  They also tried to make a raisin dance in a mixture of water, vinegar, and baking soda, but had limited success.

At the Freeze Off banquet on Saturday Bailey and her friend entertained the younger children between removes (courses).  They also learned about how to behave at Court (listening when royalty speaks, bowing/curtsying in their presence) — things I wouldn’t ordinarily condone, haha!  There was rapier fighting to watch, and many adults doing medieval crafts.  Unfortunately there wasn’t much for the kids but Bailey made a halloween mask and played a castle siege game.

Saturday was also the first day of an acting class that we signed Bailey up for through Project X theatre company.  They played “get to know you” games, and over the next 7 weeks they will explore acting and improv.

Bailey did a lot of writing this week.  She let our friend from out of town read some of her stories and he was very impressed.  He told me that he used to mark papers for grade 10 students and that Bailey’s writing was easily on par with or better than most of their work.

Bailey baked twice this week.  She made oatmeal raisin cookies and apple crisp.  She also concocted a mixture of epsom salt, vanilla, and olive oil to be used in the bath.

She spent a lot of time this week exploring a website called Girlsense and making fashions.  It turns out that she is still very interested in fashion design–just not very interested in figuring out the Fashion Design Conference on the Self Design site. 

Speaking of fashion, Bailey spent some time thinking about her halloween costume, too.  We visited a professional costume shop, and Bailey did some research online.  She finally decided to be a slice of pizza, and called her grandmother for help making the costume.  They will likely get started on that this week.

We recently purchased the upgrade to Wii Fit (Wii Fit Plus) and Bailey has been using it every day.  She especially likes the balance games, but also likes the bike riding program.

We are still enjoying the They Might Be Giants CD.  Bailey’s favourites are the one about the Sun (“The sun is a mass of incandescent gas/A gigantic nuclear furnace/Where hydrogen is built into helium/At a temperature of millions of degrees.”) and “Meet The Elements” (“Iron is a metal, you see it everyday/Oxygen, eventually, will make it rust away/Carbon in its ordinary form is coal/Crush it together, and diamonds are born.”)  She has been inspired to learn more about outer space and elements and we plan to work on some posters about elements.  We also looked up the word incandescent in the dictionary to be sure we knew what it meant.

Spelling has been another hot topic around here, especially since she found out that her Learning Consultant managed to be able to help her with registration.  She has been studying the Grade 5 level words every day, and we also plan to study the word lists for the other grades, too.  She decided to write a sentence for every word on the Grade 5 list and came up with such gems as:

LAUNDRY: “If I see another load of laundry, I’m gonna flush it down the drain.” [an homage to Charlotte Diamond.]

SENATOR: “Senator McCain is funny.”

APPLAUSE: “The applause light went on.”

Also, last week we went to my Mom’s in Vernon for Thanksgiving and visited the Allan Brooks Nature Centre and the Okanagan Science Centre.  We had a wonderful time at both places! 

At Allan Brooks, Bailey especially liked learning about the local animals.  She made animal footprint rubbings (from a tile imprinted with footprints) and we went for a walk around the site.  At the Science Centre Bailey dug in a sandbox that is done up to look like a paleontology dig.  They even had fake dinosaur bones buried in the sand. 

We visited a display about aging and there was a thick foam pad on the floor to walk on that simulated how it feels to walk when you are elderly.  Walking on it made you feel like your feet weighed much more than they do, and you couldn’t help but walk slowly. 

The stairwell was painted to look like the layers of the Earth’s atmosphere (troposhere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermospere, and exosphere).  At the bottom of the stairs the walls were painted light blue and it got progressively darker as you climbed the stairs until you reached the exosphere and the stairway was in complete darkness except for a black light.  Upstairs there was a space exhibit, and Bailey was most interested in the different sizes of the planets, especially in how they compared to the sun!  There was also a display showing what a carton of milk would weigh on each planet.  She was amused by how heavy things would be if we could stand on Jupiter!

That’s it from us!  We look forward to another fun-filled week.


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