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One more week down… October 26, 2009

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I can’t believe it’s report time again already!  This week flew by.

Bailey and I went to the Big Little Science Centre‘s open house on Saturday and reallyenjoyed working with all of the hands-on experiments.  This place is truly the product of a passion for science and a love of children.  It was started by a retired science teacher.  Bailey especially enjoyed the marble mazes and looking at things under the microscopes.

Bailey had a very creative week.  On Friday she went to her grandparent’s house to make her Halloween costume.  She has decided to be a slice of pizza!  They made it out of foam that they spray painted and cut out toppings from scraps of fabric.  Bailey helped with the planning, cutting, ironing, and painting. 

She had her second acting class on Saturday and they did character work.  She is really enjoying the class, and I have encouraged her to be herself (except while acting of course!).  I asked her afterwards if she was able to do so and she said she was.  I asked her how it felt in comparison to times when she has hid behind a mask of inauthenticity and she said it felt great.  Yay!

She is continuing to work on her spelling words.  I found the winning and runner-up words for the Canwest Spelling Bees from 2005 on, and we had fun trying to pronounce them, let alone spell them.  I also found a couple of spelling-related websites that Bailey enjoyed perusing ( and

We also played some Yahtzee, and built with Lego.  She really enjoys it when I can play with her, and it’s nice when Ocean is distractable enough to allow me to do so! 

Bailey went swimming this week, and continues to enjoy Wii Fit Plus.

We studied the neo-pagan sabbat called Samhain at the U.U. Fellowship by hearing a revised story about Persephone, Queen of the Underworld.  I brought a pomegranate to share with the children and Bailey enjoyed that immensely!

Speaking of food, Bailey baked some delicious treats this week, including peach crisp.  She mentioned that she really enjoys baking.  She also made supper for us one night without using a cookbook… she just made it up as she went along and it was delicious.

Bailey also worked on making a magazine this week, complete with health tips, cartoons, quizzes and book/DVD/CD reviews. 

Bailey enjoyed playing The Sims 3 this week.  She likes making families, and tweaking the options to make them look like people we know.

I’m sorry this is a day late… I fell asleep on the couch last night!  🙂


One Response to “One more week down…”

  1. dora Says:

    Hi Bevin and Bailey,

    A slice of pizza is so cool! And homemade pizza is even cooler! Hope to see a picture one day. Am having happy memories of our lunch together a while back and can’t wait to do it again.


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