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No report this week November 30, 2009

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This week I updated Bailey’s learning plan so I didn’t have to write an O4L.  Instead I’ll take this opportunity for a little baby brag!

A switch has been flicked inside of Ocean!  In the past week he got another new tooth, has decided he loves to play on the floor and is trying to crawl, can sit up for 30 seconds, and has started eating rice cereal!

Poor boy has been in a lot of pain with these teeth.  Although… now that I’ve discovered his love of the floor I’m not so sure that his crabbiness was all from teething.  See, I thought I was doing the right thing, not abandoning him in his time of need.  He cried, I gave him extra love and held him closer.  Finally his Dad put him on the floor a few times and he quit crying and began laughing!  That clued me in, lol!

I wanted to delay solids because there really is no convincing evidence (although this is interesting) that a baby benefits from solids before 6 months.  I thought we could delay even further but Ocean was getting really mad when he saw us eating!  Finally I thought I’d see what would happen if we gave him some rice cereal.  I made it really soupy the first time and he literally attacked the spoon!  He was soooo happy, like, “finally you people figured out what I wanted!”  The next feeding I made the cereal thicker and he was still totally okay with it.  I tried to skip the solids yesterday but he was acting really grouchy and didn’t seem satisfied after breastfeeding.  Poor baby was hungry!

Funny enough, when Ocean turned 6 months I told Bailey and Steve that we’d start to see big changes in him.  I just didn’t know they’d come so suddenly!


Week 11. Movin’ along. November 22, 2009

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Monday was a very fun day for Bailey.  She had slept over at a fellow unschooler’s home in Ashcroft the night before and I drove there to pick her up on Monday.  She spent the day playing school with the kids!

Tuesday we went to the university library and looked around.  I have a community membership there so I am able to take out materials.  She was excited to discover that they have kid’s books, too!

On Wednesday Bailey made us a wonderful breakfast of apple pancakes, scrambled eggs, and banana smoothies.  Then she, Steve, and I decided to make a movie together based on one of her short stories about a haunted house.  I think Steve and I were a bit too enthusiastic though, and may have misinterpreted how involved Bailey wanted to be.  We were making props and talking to her about about locations and she kind of got frustrated and lost interest.  She wanted to do everything in one take and didn’t want to leave the house.  I am puzzled about this, but Steve and I are honouring her wishes (and  have decided to make our own film where we can be as picky and perfectionistic as we like!). 

Just after lunch we had some drama when I was suddenly stricken with the most awful headache.  It came on so suddenly that Steve was worried and brought me to the ER.  This was pretty tough on Bailey as she is very attached to me, so she was very relieved when it turned out to just be a migraine headache.  I hadn’t had one of those since before she was born. 

On Thursday Steve had to go to work and I was still feeling the effects of my headache so we didn’t have much fun together.  She managed to amuse herself quietly though, and designed some fashions on the Girlsense website.

Friday was better for me, and Bailey and I made a trip to the public library.  She took out armfuls of books, including Junie B. Jones books, Madison Finn books, The Girl’s Book of Glamour, and a book about being a spy.  The Junie B Jones and Madison Finn books are below her “reading level” but she likes the feeling of finishing one or more novels in a day! 

We also ran into her Grandpa (my Dad) that day and followed him around the hardware store.  He taught her a bit about 2×4’s, which she liked.  (She likes it when he tells her about anything!)

Saturday was Bailey’s acting class and they did some mask work.  In the evening we met with one of my friends from high school who wanted to pick my brains about homeschooling as her kids are struggling in public school.  Bailey enjoyed sharing her experiences, too.

This morning was church, and the whole congregation was celebrating the life of Dr. Lotta Hitschmanova.  In the children’s program Bailey enjoyed a brief meditation exercise where they were asked to sit quietly and ponder the wonder of their hearts, breath, and brains.  They also talked about heroes. 

Tonight Bailey made Jamaican Jerk chicken for our dinner.  It was delicious!


Made it to Week 10! November 16, 2009

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Ugh, I suck! I finally wrote “O4L” in my calendar so hopefully next week I’ll remember to do this on Sunday!!!

Still recovering from our colds this week, but had lots of fun anyway. Bailey and I have decided to try to bake bread so we bought a loaf pan and now just need to wait for a day that we will be home. We were curious about the approximate cost of making our own bread at home so we made some very rough calculations and discovered that it is MUCH cheaper to make bread at home. She visited her Dad this week and they made an apple pie together.

Bailey was curious about the respiratory system this week (specifically, where does the air go when she breathes through her nose). With my help, she found the answer online, and then also became interested in the digestive system. I printed off a labelled picture of the digestive system that she coloured.

Bailey continues to enjoy making fashions with her new book as well as on a website called Girlsense. She also made a video with the film editing software (Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Collection) this week but her mind was mostly on other things.

Bailey was feeling very traditionally “school-y” this week (I think she’s processing some old school baggage) so she wrote a research paper about Sacagawea and made a diorama. She was excited to tell her young cousin that he and Sacagawea share a birthday! She also wanted to work in a math workbook so she did that, too. She also printed some “chore charts” from a website and was trying to make herself stick to them. In addition, she wondered how many short pieces were in her marble raceway set so she wrote out her estimate (and mine) and then proceeded to try to make a tower with all the short pieces. The tower soon got too high so she had to lay them out on the floor. We both greatly underestimated the amount, as it turned out that there were (I think) 70!

We met in Ashcroft (about an hour out of town) with some fellow unschoolers this week who are working on making a film. They have a script and some funding from a local film society and Bailey enjoyed being part of it. She has 3 lines, though she was hoping for more.

We made another trip to Ashcroft this week so that Bailey could have a sleepover, and the kids watched the film “My Fair Lady” in anticipation of seeing the play and going backstage later this month.

Bailey spent some time with her friend this week and even wanted to go to her friend’s church. She was interested in what the communion was and what it meant, so we discussed that a little bit but didn’t go into depth.

Well, that’s all I can remember! I used to make notes every day about what we did and I think I’d better go back to that system as I know I’m forgetting a lot.


Week 9. Got the funding! November 8, 2009

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This week we received the Self Design Visa card… so you can probably imagine that it was a good week!

Bailey was very excited so despite being sick (me, Steve, and Ocean this time) we rushed out and fulfilled some of the items on her Learning Plan!

The rest of the week was spent playing with new Lego, making marble racing tracks, editing films, and working on fashion design.

Bailey is making a Lego house, and we plan to use Lego to make a stop-motion film when I feel better.

Bailey and Steve spent hours playing with the marble race track.  She really puzzled over how to make marbles go into certain pieces, trying many different combinations of pieces before finding success.

The film editing software is top-notch, and Bailey has already put together one film.  She used the included demo video and audio tracks.  Again, when I am feeling better we will be exploring this much more in-depth.

Bailey has been designing fashions out of paper.  She has made pants and shirts so far, and can’t wait to make a fashion catalogue filled with her designs.

Bailey has also done a lot of reading and writing this week.  (One of the “benefits” of having sick parents is having a lot of quiet time at home.)  She recently finished “Thunder From the Sea” by Joan Hiatt Harlow, and passed it onto me to read.

I went to a book club meeting (for myself) this week and Bailey tagged along.  This book club intends to focus on non-fiction parenting books and Bailey enjoyed listening to us speak.  Like me at her age, she enjoys hearing about issues related to raising children.

She also played “school” this week with her stuffed animals, and it was interesting to hear the way she treated them.  She must have been processing something, because she wasn’t the nicest teacher!

She did improv games in acting class this week, including a game called “Yes, Let’s!” in which one person suggests something–say, “Let’s put on our coats.”–and the rest of the group replies with an overly enthusiastic “YES!  LET’S!!!” and then acts out the suggestion.  This led to much hilarity around here.

I hope you are staying well.  This is my first cold in over a year so I’m feeling whiny, haha.


Oops! November 4, 2009

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Almost forgot to post this.  I am sick.  😦

This week Bailey was sick for a few days with a cold, and couldn’t do much more than watch TV on the couch. 

Despite being sick she had a fun week.  We played Yahtzee a couple times, and she did some more cooking.  This time she made meatloaf and mashed potatoes.  The presentation was an idea she got from a cookbook and was very cute.  The meatloaf was a crypt, the mashed potatoes a ghost, and the toast a gravestone.

She was interested in making films this week, too, and made a zombie movie in her room.  I can’t wait to get her some film editing software because her stepdad and I thoroughly enjoyed watching her movie even though she only had one take to get it right.  She even did makeup.

Speaking of zombies, we participated in a zombie walk in the afternoon on Halloween.  We had to do our makeup to look as disgusting as possible and then had to stay in character for the duration of the walk.  I think we ended up on TV again, but I haven’t seen the local news yet.  Bailey really enjoyed yelling for “BRAINNNZZZ” and generally having an excuse to be obnoxious on the downtown streets.

She has been interested in the environment this week, particularly wanting to know about our carbon footprint.  This interest was sparked by an episode of Fetch! With Ruff Ruffman on PBS.  Bailey always wondered why a big, stinky bus was better than a bunch of smaller, less smelly cars, and though I had explained it to her, this episode finally drove the answer home for her.  I guess she is a very visual learner (like her mom!).

At acting class this week the kids did costume work.  She says they worked on matching a character to a costume, and bringing life to that character.  Bailey did a firefighter character and a rich person character.  She is looking forward to improv next week!

In spelling news this week, we made up some games.  I spell 4 words out loud very quickly, making a mistake with one of the words and she has to tell me which word was misspelled.  Another game is spelling out conversations.  It takes awhile but it is pretty fun.

That’s it!  Another fun week.  Hopefully this week will be even more fun as we anticipate the Self Design money rolling in and the purchase of some new materials.  And hopefully we can all shake this cold!