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Oops! November 4, 2009

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Almost forgot to post this.  I am sick.  😦

This week Bailey was sick for a few days with a cold, and couldn’t do much more than watch TV on the couch. 

Despite being sick she had a fun week.  We played Yahtzee a couple times, and she did some more cooking.  This time she made meatloaf and mashed potatoes.  The presentation was an idea she got from a cookbook and was very cute.  The meatloaf was a crypt, the mashed potatoes a ghost, and the toast a gravestone.

She was interested in making films this week, too, and made a zombie movie in her room.  I can’t wait to get her some film editing software because her stepdad and I thoroughly enjoyed watching her movie even though she only had one take to get it right.  She even did makeup.

Speaking of zombies, we participated in a zombie walk in the afternoon on Halloween.  We had to do our makeup to look as disgusting as possible and then had to stay in character for the duration of the walk.  I think we ended up on TV again, but I haven’t seen the local news yet.  Bailey really enjoyed yelling for “BRAINNNZZZ” and generally having an excuse to be obnoxious on the downtown streets.

She has been interested in the environment this week, particularly wanting to know about our carbon footprint.  This interest was sparked by an episode of Fetch! With Ruff Ruffman on PBS.  Bailey always wondered why a big, stinky bus was better than a bunch of smaller, less smelly cars, and though I had explained it to her, this episode finally drove the answer home for her.  I guess she is a very visual learner (like her mom!).

At acting class this week the kids did costume work.  She says they worked on matching a character to a costume, and bringing life to that character.  Bailey did a firefighter character and a rich person character.  She is looking forward to improv next week!

In spelling news this week, we made up some games.  I spell 4 words out loud very quickly, making a mistake with one of the words and she has to tell me which word was misspelled.  Another game is spelling out conversations.  It takes awhile but it is pretty fun.

That’s it!  Another fun week.  Hopefully this week will be even more fun as we anticipate the Self Design money rolling in and the purchase of some new materials.  And hopefully we can all shake this cold!


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