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Week 9. Got the funding! November 8, 2009

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This week we received the Self Design Visa card… so you can probably imagine that it was a good week!

Bailey was very excited so despite being sick (me, Steve, and Ocean this time) we rushed out and fulfilled some of the items on her Learning Plan!

The rest of the week was spent playing with new Lego, making marble racing tracks, editing films, and working on fashion design.

Bailey is making a Lego house, and we plan to use Lego to make a stop-motion film when I feel better.

Bailey and Steve spent hours playing with the marble race track.  She really puzzled over how to make marbles go into certain pieces, trying many different combinations of pieces before finding success.

The film editing software is top-notch, and Bailey has already put together one film.  She used the included demo video and audio tracks.  Again, when I am feeling better we will be exploring this much more in-depth.

Bailey has been designing fashions out of paper.  She has made pants and shirts so far, and can’t wait to make a fashion catalogue filled with her designs.

Bailey has also done a lot of reading and writing this week.  (One of the “benefits” of having sick parents is having a lot of quiet time at home.)  She recently finished “Thunder From the Sea” by Joan Hiatt Harlow, and passed it onto me to read.

I went to a book club meeting (for myself) this week and Bailey tagged along.  This book club intends to focus on non-fiction parenting books and Bailey enjoyed listening to us speak.  Like me at her age, she enjoys hearing about issues related to raising children.

She also played “school” this week with her stuffed animals, and it was interesting to hear the way she treated them.  She must have been processing something, because she wasn’t the nicest teacher!

She did improv games in acting class this week, including a game called “Yes, Let’s!” in which one person suggests something–say, “Let’s put on our coats.”–and the rest of the group replies with an overly enthusiastic “YES!  LET’S!!!” and then acts out the suggestion.  This led to much hilarity around here.

I hope you are staying well.  This is my first cold in over a year so I’m feeling whiny, haha.


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