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Made it to Week 10! November 16, 2009

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Ugh, I suck! I finally wrote “O4L” in my calendar so hopefully next week I’ll remember to do this on Sunday!!!

Still recovering from our colds this week, but had lots of fun anyway. Bailey and I have decided to try to bake bread so we bought a loaf pan and now just need to wait for a day that we will be home. We were curious about the approximate cost of making our own bread at home so we made some very rough calculations and discovered that it is MUCH cheaper to make bread at home. She visited her Dad this week and they made an apple pie together.

Bailey was curious about the respiratory system this week (specifically, where does the air go when she breathes through her nose). With my help, she found the answer online, and then also became interested in the digestive system. I printed off a labelled picture of the digestive system that she coloured.

Bailey continues to enjoy making fashions with her new book as well as on a website called Girlsense. She also made a video with the film editing software (Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Collection) this week but her mind was mostly on other things.

Bailey was feeling very traditionally “school-y” this week (I think she’s processing some old school baggage) so she wrote a research paper about Sacagawea and made a diorama. She was excited to tell her young cousin that he and Sacagawea share a birthday! She also wanted to work in a math workbook so she did that, too. She also printed some “chore charts” from a website and was trying to make herself stick to them. In addition, she wondered how many short pieces were in her marble raceway set so she wrote out her estimate (and mine) and then proceeded to try to make a tower with all the short pieces. The tower soon got too high so she had to lay them out on the floor. We both greatly underestimated the amount, as it turned out that there were (I think) 70!

We met in Ashcroft (about an hour out of town) with some fellow unschoolers this week who are working on making a film. They have a script and some funding from a local film society and Bailey enjoyed being part of it. She has 3 lines, though she was hoping for more.

We made another trip to Ashcroft this week so that Bailey could have a sleepover, and the kids watched the film “My Fair Lady” in anticipation of seeing the play and going backstage later this month.

Bailey spent some time with her friend this week and even wanted to go to her friend’s church. She was interested in what the communion was and what it meant, so we discussed that a little bit but didn’t go into depth.

Well, that’s all I can remember! I used to make notes every day about what we did and I think I’d better go back to that system as I know I’m forgetting a lot.


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