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Week 11. Movin’ along. November 22, 2009

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Monday was a very fun day for Bailey.  She had slept over at a fellow unschooler’s home in Ashcroft the night before and I drove there to pick her up on Monday.  She spent the day playing school with the kids!

Tuesday we went to the university library and looked around.  I have a community membership there so I am able to take out materials.  She was excited to discover that they have kid’s books, too!

On Wednesday Bailey made us a wonderful breakfast of apple pancakes, scrambled eggs, and banana smoothies.  Then she, Steve, and I decided to make a movie together based on one of her short stories about a haunted house.  I think Steve and I were a bit too enthusiastic though, and may have misinterpreted how involved Bailey wanted to be.  We were making props and talking to her about about locations and she kind of got frustrated and lost interest.  She wanted to do everything in one take and didn’t want to leave the house.  I am puzzled about this, but Steve and I are honouring her wishes (and  have decided to make our own film where we can be as picky and perfectionistic as we like!). 

Just after lunch we had some drama when I was suddenly stricken with the most awful headache.  It came on so suddenly that Steve was worried and brought me to the ER.  This was pretty tough on Bailey as she is very attached to me, so she was very relieved when it turned out to just be a migraine headache.  I hadn’t had one of those since before she was born. 

On Thursday Steve had to go to work and I was still feeling the effects of my headache so we didn’t have much fun together.  She managed to amuse herself quietly though, and designed some fashions on the Girlsense website.

Friday was better for me, and Bailey and I made a trip to the public library.  She took out armfuls of books, including Junie B. Jones books, Madison Finn books, The Girl’s Book of Glamour, and a book about being a spy.  The Junie B Jones and Madison Finn books are below her “reading level” but she likes the feeling of finishing one or more novels in a day! 

We also ran into her Grandpa (my Dad) that day and followed him around the hardware store.  He taught her a bit about 2×4’s, which she liked.  (She likes it when he tells her about anything!)

Saturday was Bailey’s acting class and they did some mask work.  In the evening we met with one of my friends from high school who wanted to pick my brains about homeschooling as her kids are struggling in public school.  Bailey enjoyed sharing her experiences, too.

This morning was church, and the whole congregation was celebrating the life of Dr. Lotta Hitschmanova.  In the children’s program Bailey enjoyed a brief meditation exercise where they were asked to sit quietly and ponder the wonder of their hearts, breath, and brains.  They also talked about heroes. 

Tonight Bailey made Jamaican Jerk chicken for our dinner.  It was delicious!


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