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No report this week November 30, 2009

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This week I updated Bailey’s learning plan so I didn’t have to write an O4L.  Instead I’ll take this opportunity for a little baby brag!

A switch has been flicked inside of Ocean!  In the past week he got another new tooth, has decided he loves to play on the floor and is trying to crawl, can sit up for 30 seconds, and has started eating rice cereal!

Poor boy has been in a lot of pain with these teeth.  Although… now that I’ve discovered his love of the floor I’m not so sure that his crabbiness was all from teething.  See, I thought I was doing the right thing, not abandoning him in his time of need.  He cried, I gave him extra love and held him closer.  Finally his Dad put him on the floor a few times and he quit crying and began laughing!  That clued me in, lol!

I wanted to delay solids because there really is no convincing evidence (although this is interesting) that a baby benefits from solids before 6 months.  I thought we could delay even further but Ocean was getting really mad when he saw us eating!  Finally I thought I’d see what would happen if we gave him some rice cereal.  I made it really soupy the first time and he literally attacked the spoon!  He was soooo happy, like, “finally you people figured out what I wanted!”  The next feeding I made the cereal thicker and he was still totally okay with it.  I tried to skip the solids yesterday but he was acting really grouchy and didn’t seem satisfied after breastfeeding.  Poor baby was hungry!

Funny enough, when Ocean turned 6 months I told Bailey and Steve that we’d start to see big changes in him.  I just didn’t know they’d come so suddenly!


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