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We do things… and stuff.

Lucky #13 December 8, 2009

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The most exciting thing Bailey did this week was going to a play!  She saw My Fair Lady, and even got a backstage tour beforehand!  She saw the green room, and saw a few actors warming up.  She saw how they moved props and scenery on and off the stage.  From her description, it sounds like some of the heavier props rely on pneumatic assistance.

Another week with a lot of writing and fashion design.  She is on a real writing kick these past few weeks!  It is not uncommon for her to write for hours in the mornings, taking only quick breaks for food or water.

Bailey is thinking it would be fun to learn how to make iron-on transfers for t-shirts.  She has designed a number of cute/witty t-shirts on her favourite website, GirlSense (Some of the designs are “bought” from other users but most are her original designs.)

This week we also watched one of Bailey’s favourite movies, “Mean Girls.”  She really likes this one, and we had another discussion about friendship.  She really wishes she had more friends, and is still struggling with learning how to be a good friend.  She says that deep down she thinks that people should do whatever she wants.  (!)  We’re still working on it, lol.

This Saturday was her last acting class.  I got to see her perform some games with the other kids, and there was a lot of improvisation.

We received some sad news this week that a member of our congregation passed away, so next week we will be going to a memorial service for him.  Bailey didn’t know him very well as he lost the ability to speak many years ago, but she felt sad for his wife who is her Sunday School teacher.

That’s it for this week!


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