So… what do you DO all day?

We do things… and stuff.

…And here’s Week 16. December 30, 2009

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Hi again!

We had a very busy week getting ready for xmas.  The Solstice party at my Dad’s was lots of fun, and Bailey’s Grandpa liked our punny costumes.

Bailey and her friend decided to be friends again, which I think Bailey is very relieved about.  In addition, Bailey went to a sleepover at another friend’s house this week and had a great time.  It sounds like they had a lot of physical activity, swimming and sledding.

We did some baking this week and Bailey helped me double the recipe for granola and for sugar cookies.

Bailey had three xmases this year.  At Steve’s parents’ house on xmas eve Bailey was thrilled to receive a 5-octave electric keyboard and some piano lesson books.  By xmas morning she had taught herself a number of songs from the book, and continues to play every day.

The next day was xmas day and we spent the first half of it at home.  Bailey was over the moon about her gift from us (a Nintendo DSi), and was also very happy to get a harmonica, which she had some success playing.  Our home is full of music now!

She went to her Dad’s house for a few hours next.  He gave her a microscope and a beginner’s stargazing book.  She has enjoyed looking at the slides that came with the microscope, and wants to buy some blank slides so that we can look at hair, drops of water, blades of grass, etc.

She spent the evening with us at her Aunt’s house, and independently chose to clean her Aunt’s house for her at the end of evening.  I was quite proud of her, as she noticed her Aunt was kind of stressed about the state of her home after having all the relatives over and helped her out of the goodness of her heart… then her Aunt slipped her ten dollars, haha.

Now Bailey is busy counting her money and figuring out how much more she needs to save to buy a Nintendo DS game called Style Savvy.  She watched me figure out how much her Stepdad’s discount would take off the price and then how much the tax would be.

That’s it from us for this week.  Take care!


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