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Oops! Forgot to post Week 15! December 30, 2009

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Bailey had a bit of a rough week.  She made the difficult decision to end her friendship with her one remaining public schooled friend.  She told me she was tired of fighting with this girl all the time, and she wanted to focus on making friends with kinder people.  I am a bit concerned about this, but I think Bailey is feeling some relief about her decision.  I want to make sure that she broke up this friendship in the least painful way possible so I am encouraging her to send her ex-friend a card acknowledging that she does stand by her decision but she hopes she didn’t cause too much pain.  *sigh*  We’ll see.

Bailey made lots of cookies this week, and even got to try out an antique cookie press at her Grandma’s house.  We made ginger molasses cookies at home, but we keep eating them so we still don’t have any xmas baking done!

Speaking of ginger molasses cookies, we did a very cool science experiment this week.  (That sentence will make sense in a minute, I promise!)  I bought some pH test papers back in October, and forgot that they were in my purse.  When I found them I gave them to Bailey and she was pretty excited as she had just discovered a game on the PBS website about acids, neutrals, and bases.  She decided to see what would happen if she put the papers in vinegar, water, and stain remover (an idea she got from the website).  After that, we all wanted to see what colour the paper would turn if we licked it.  Bailey and I were neutral, but Steve’s paper turned bright purple (which meant he was a base)!  Bailey thought it was maybe because he is male, so we got Ocean to try (that was pretty easy, given the amount of drool he produces), but his paper was also neutral.  Finally, Steve mentioned that he had recently eaten a ginger molasses cookie.  I volunteered to eat a cookie (all in the name of science, of course) and when I licked the test strip it instantly turned bright purple.

Besides science, we’ve been keeping busy with fun art activities.  We made more snowflakes, colored pictures, and are currently working on costumes for my Dad’s Solstice party tonight.  He wants everyone to come dressed as flowers, but we all wanted to do something “punny.”  Bailey will be going as Flower from Bambi, I am taping a picture of a bag of flour to my shirt, and Steve is glueing googly eyes to his shirt (he’s a bunch of “irises” of course!).  Bailey is looking forward to sharing the joke with her Grandpa.

Another busy week coming up with Solstice and Christmas.  Hope you and yours have a wonderful time of it.


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