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Week 20…on time! January 24, 2010

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A busy, travel-filled week for Bailey!  I dropped her off at her grandparent’s house on Tuesday night and they left for Sechelt on Wednesday.  She did keep a journal, and told me lots of stories when she got home on Saturday so I will pass that along to you.

As mentioned, she spent Tuesday night at her grandparent’s house here in town.  Her Dad lives there right now, so she was able to spend some time with him.  They made cookies, and he lent her some books, including one about the plants on the coast of B.C.  She saw a Monkey Puzzle tree in Sechelt and tried to find it in the book.  Other than that she just looked through the book for fun.

Wednesday was spent travelling.  They saw a moose outside of Merritt.  They stopped in Vancouver for lunch, and then caught their ferry.  Bailey was wondering how the ferry floats with all those cars and people on it.  We talked about buoyancy (helped by this website) when she got home.  (Funny: I asked her what happened to the water when she got into a bathtub and she said, “Uh, it gets dirty?” Laughing )

On Thursday Bailey went to the beach with her Grandpa.  She brought home three seashells for us.  She thinks she noticed the tide going out.  That night they went to Gibson’s and saw Avatar.  Bailey loved it!  She liked the cute stuff in the movie the best.

Bailey’s big adventure on Friday was going horseback riding!  It was the first time she had ever been on a horse, and she wrote quite extensively about it.  Her horse’s name was Jewel and her horse was tied to the owner’s horse just in case.  She was a little scared at first, but by the end she was sad to go.  They weren’t allowed to gallop but they did trot a little.

Friday night she used her constellation book and tried to find some stars with her Aunt’s boyfriend, but it was a bit too overcast.

They left early on Saturday.  Bailey saw the Olympics countdown clock in Vancouver.  She must have been listening to the criticisms that Steve and I have been making about the Olympics, because she gleefully told me about a particularly rude piece of grafitti she saw.  “But they misspelled Olympics, mommy!  They spelled it O-L-Y-M-P-I-X!”  She was more offended by the error than anything else, ha ha.

And that’s it!  I’m on the mend from what I now think was food poisoning for sure, so hopefully Bailey will have a fun week this week, too!


Forgot to post Week 19… so here it is. January 23, 2010

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It was a boring week for Bailey, I’m afraid.  As I mentioned I was sick early in the week with a stomach bug, and ever since then I’ve been quite weak.  However, she is a very understanding kid so she was able to make the best of the situation.

She was really inwardly focussed this week, and did a lot of work on “self-improvement.”  Because Steve and I were sick, Bailey had to be a bit more self-reliant this week when it comes to food, and she enjoyed the challenge, even taking it to the next level and making a lunch meal plan for herself.

She attempted to make bread this week, and it sure was delicious, although it didn’t rise as much as she wanted, possibly because she cut the recipe in half.

She made a chore chart for herself on a website called handipoints.  She included things like “observe the weather for 5 days,” along with things like “empty the dishwasher.”

She also played “house” this week with her many dolls, creating an elaborate scenario in which she had 8 kids. 

Bailey is still enjoying her keyboard, and has offered to teach her friend what she knows.  Bailey made a worksheet for her friend, and is looking forward to teaching her soon.

Bailey is excited about the coming week as she is going to Sechelt with her grandparents to visit her Aunt.  She has been busy looking at Google Earth to see where they will be going.

Hope you have a great week!


Week 18, better late than never January 14, 2010

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I’m feeling a bit better now so I figured I better get this written!

The Visa re-load happened this week, so we were able to purchase some books.  Among them was a book of science experiments.  Bailey and I started an experiment to make a stalactite using string suspended between two glasses filled with water and baking soda.  She was interested to hear how they are actually formed and how stalagmites and columns are then formed.

She also made a pop bottle vortex this week, and read about why it works the way it does.

Bailey looked over her Grapes of Math book some more this week, and managed to solve all of the puzzles!  It was nice to see her relaxing into numbers rather than allowing her fear of math overcome her.

She had a big upset this week, too.  It snowed a lot on Tuesday and it was perfect snowman snow.  We spent 1/2 an hour building a large snowman on the front lawn of our apartment building and then came inside.  Not even 30 minutes later we heard some kids goofing around, looked outside, and saw that they had completely destroyed her snowman.  She cried and cried.  I tried to explain that not all teenagers are so insensitive, but her feelings were too raw.

And that’s what I can remember for this week.  Sorry it’s short, my brain is fuzzy!


Can’t believe I’ve been doing this for 17 weeks! January 3, 2010

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This was the week I always forget about… the lazy, pajama-filled days between xmas and New Year’s.  I think it’s my favourite part of the holiday season.

Making this week even better was the fact that my best friend was in town–Bailey calls her “auntie.”  She brought Bailey her Body Worlds book to borrow.  Bailey went to the Body Worlds exhibit with her grandparents a couple years ago and really enjoyed it, but she doesn’t have any souvenirs so she was happy to look through the book again.  We had an interesting discussion about the ethics of this show.

More cooking for Bailey this week.  She made a delicious macaroni salad and some chili.  She also made a meal plan for me, taking into account the ingredients we already have in the house, and minimizing the groceries we’d have to purchase.

She got lots of exercise sledding this week.  I was watching her and estimating how far her sled went and I really think it was close to two city blocks!  Of course she then had to pull it up the hill with her… while wearing heavy snow pants and snow boots. 

She finally got the game she was saving up for, and has been enjoying running her own fashion boutique.  Her new game came in handy for the day trip she took to Merritt with her grandparents to visit her Aunt and baby cousin.  They did some more sledding and Bailey got to hold puppies that are only a few weeks old.

I bought Bailey a couple of books this week.  One is a book about hamster care.  It is really unique because it talks a lot about hamster behaviour.  By the way, Bailey has also learned that hamsters are not nocturnal as is commonly believed.  They are actually crepuscular, meaning they are active at dawn and at dusk.

The other book is called “The Grapes of Math.”  Bailey has enjoyed seeing the patterns on each page and has related it to skip counting (ie: counting by 2s, counting by 5s, etc.).

Lazy pajama days are over for us now!


Announcement: I have a new blog January 2, 2010

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Check out my new blog!  Steve and I are on a  self-improvement journey together, and keeping the blog will hopefully keep us on track.

I’ll still be posting here every week so keep visiting.