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Announcement: I have a new blog January 2, 2010

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Check out my new blog!  Steve and I are on a  self-improvement journey together, and keeping the blog will hopefully keep us on track.

I’ll still be posting here every week so keep visiting.


2 Responses to “Announcement: I have a new blog”

  1. Faline Says:

    Hi Bevin,
    Loved reading your other blog…it wouldn’t let me leave a comment without creating a new account etc etc so I’ll say here that there is something so encouraging about reading other’s progress and struggles! So thanks for sharing them….and love your photos and measurements 🙂 Way to go on all accounts!!

  2. keekahoney Says:

    Thanks Faline! And thanks for letting me know about the irritating comment process. I’ll change that to make it easier.

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