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Week 18, better late than never January 14, 2010

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I’m feeling a bit better now so I figured I better get this written!

The Visa re-load happened this week, so we were able to purchase some books.  Among them was a book of science experiments.  Bailey and I started an experiment to make a stalactite using string suspended between two glasses filled with water and baking soda.  She was interested to hear how they are actually formed and how stalagmites and columns are then formed.

She also made a pop bottle vortex this week, and read about why it works the way it does.

Bailey looked over her Grapes of Math book some more this week, and managed to solve all of the puzzles!  It was nice to see her relaxing into numbers rather than allowing her fear of math overcome her.

She had a big upset this week, too.  It snowed a lot on Tuesday and it was perfect snowman snow.  We spent 1/2 an hour building a large snowman on the front lawn of our apartment building and then came inside.  Not even 30 minutes later we heard some kids goofing around, looked outside, and saw that they had completely destroyed her snowman.  She cried and cried.  I tried to explain that not all teenagers are so insensitive, but her feelings were too raw.

And that’s what I can remember for this week.  Sorry it’s short, my brain is fuzzy!


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