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Forgot to post Week 19… so here it is. January 23, 2010

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It was a boring week for Bailey, I’m afraid.  As I mentioned I was sick early in the week with a stomach bug, and ever since then I’ve been quite weak.  However, she is a very understanding kid so she was able to make the best of the situation.

She was really inwardly focussed this week, and did a lot of work on “self-improvement.”  Because Steve and I were sick, Bailey had to be a bit more self-reliant this week when it comes to food, and she enjoyed the challenge, even taking it to the next level and making a lunch meal plan for herself.

She attempted to make bread this week, and it sure was delicious, although it didn’t rise as much as she wanted, possibly because she cut the recipe in half.

She made a chore chart for herself on a website called handipoints.  She included things like “observe the weather for 5 days,” along with things like “empty the dishwasher.”

She also played “house” this week with her many dolls, creating an elaborate scenario in which she had 8 kids. 

Bailey is still enjoying her keyboard, and has offered to teach her friend what she knows.  Bailey made a worksheet for her friend, and is looking forward to teaching her soon.

Bailey is excited about the coming week as she is going to Sechelt with her grandparents to visit her Aunt.  She has been busy looking at Google Earth to see where they will be going.

Hope you have a great week!


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