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Forgot to post this one! (Week 21) February 7, 2010

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Hi!  Sorry this is late.  We rearranged our entire living room to allow Ocean some more room to roam and that necessitated unplugging our computers for a few days.

Bailey had a fun week.  She went swimming with Steve and Ocean on Sunday, and they stayed in the pool for 3 hours!  Bailey jumped off the small diving board and almost convinced herself to jump off the next higher one, but got scared at the last second.

She has also been using the Wii Fit more often these days, trying out yoga and balance games. 

Kamloops has been having a remarkably mild winter, and Bailey and I have been in flip flops for weeks now.  We took a nice, long walk mid-week, and Bailey rode her scooter most of the way.

Also in the “Wellness” category, Bailey has been noticing that she gets grumpy when she is hungry, so we have been making more of an effort to pay attention to how much she has eaten, and what.

This week was also a very creative week.  She started her art class at the Kamloops Art Gallery, and did some work with pastels and charcoal.  The class got a tour of the art gallery, and got to see an exhibition of Emily Carr’s and Jack Shadbolt’s work.

Bailey was excited to help us with our living room rearrangement.  Steve entered the dimensions of our living room and our furniture into a program called Rhino and we were able to test out numerous combinations before moving all the heavy furniture around.

Bailey and I watched a DVD of Season 1 of Project Runway  this week.  We absolutely loved it, and Bailey got very inspired to create some more fashions for paper dolls.


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