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We do things… and stuff.

Wekk 22. Posted on time. ‘Cuz I rock. February 7, 2010

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 This week was pretty busy, and again Bailey focused on her creative side and physical wellness. 

She has been using the Wii Fit everyday,  and we have been going on more and more walks as the weather continues to be warm.

I had her look up the reasons why I ask her to stay physically active even though it is not her favourite thing to do, and she was able to tell me that it helps prevent obesity, and it’s good for her heart, among other reasons.

At her art class this week the children learned how to make paper.  Everyone left the class with bits of paper pulp in their hair, so I think it’s safe to say that a good time was had by all.

Bailey continues to work with designing fashions.  She has many outlets for this, including paper dolls, a program online, a game for her Nintendo DSi, and her own clothing.  She wants to learn to sew, so we are looking at getting a hand-me-down sewing machine from my mom for her to learn on.

Also this week, and against my better judgement, I allowed Bailey to buy a big (and I mean BIG) bag of Jelly Bellies, her favourite candy.  As a result, she has also researched, at my request, why she should be brushing her teeth even more often while we have this treat in the house!

The Jelly Bellies have had an upside though, and I don’t just mean because she is sharing them!  She had fun sorting the jelly beans into different colours, has looked up different flavour combinations online, and has researched how candy is made.

I am going to have Bailey help me with the O4Ls, I think.  I will have her write a quick blurb everyday to help remind me what she did that day and what her favourite thing was.  She is pretty excited about that.

Our biggest excitement of the week was a family trip to Kelowna, about two hours away.  Unfortunately we weren’t able to do much else besides hang out at the mall, but Bailey loves going on trips, and we were able to look at many stores that we don’t have here in Kamloops.  The mall has a time capsule, with two sections.  One will be opened in 2030 and another in 2105, and we talked about how old she would be when they were opened (31 and 106, respectively).  Bailey says that if we made a time capsule, she would put in a few coins from the current year, a pair of her shoes, and a book.


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