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I made pie. I ate pie. Pie is good. February 14, 2010

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Another fun week!  I had Bailey keep track of her favourite daily actvities, and here is what she said.  I think I will help her keep track next week so I can get a little more information out of her.

I did:
I made pie.
I ate pie.
I drew.
I learned:
Not enough flour makes apple juice at bottom of tin.
Pie is good.
I drew Crystals [a teddy bear] and me.

I did:
I changed my boutique. [For her fashion game online]
I changed my face [her avatar]
I watched Shrek.
I learned:
Changing boutiques is fun.
There are lots of options for your face.
Shrek is AWESOME!

I did:
Went to Chapters.
I learned:
I LOVE books.

I did:
I had art class
I went swimming.
I learned:
How to make paint from rocks.
That my friends are awesome!

I did:
I learned what Steve wants for hours at work and how much money he will make.
I didn’t get to go to the gymnastics place.  😦
I learned:
Money is tight.

See what I mean?  I think a little more direction from me is in order, haha.  🙂

Anyway, despite the above, Bailey did have an eventful week.  One of the highlights was Friday night when I put aside my soapbox for the evening and watched the opening ceremonies of the Olympics with Bailey.  At one point she said to me, “Doesn’t the Canadian part of you feel kind of proud?” and I had to admit that, yes, it did.  We were both excited to watch to the First Nations dancers, too, as we knew one or two of them.

She did some science experiments this week, too.  Her favourite was a reflex test.  She taped a piece of paper to the back of a ruler, and coloured 1 inch thick bands on it.  Then we would hold the ruler above her hand and drop it.  She would write down what colour she managed to catch the ruler on.  (It is hard to explain this one in writing.)  She expected that her stepdad’s relexes would be better than hers or mine and she was correct.  (He is a rapier fighter–medieval style fencing–and his relexes are lightning quick.)

I hope that you are having a great week.  🙂


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